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Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart earns consideration,
cards against humanity all expansions

Mitsubishi has referred to the Ralliart grouping of equipment as the “Halo” of the Mitsubishi lineup. Where most other companies pick a “halo” vehicle to showcase their talents, Mitsubishi has chosen a much more difficult path. They are showcasing their talents in every vehicle that has a Ralliart designation. When you stop and think about it, putting out a top of the line car in a competitively priced package is a pretty special deal, particularly when larger and betterknown manufacturers put out halo cars that are one time For the plebian amount that Mitsubishi charges for the Ralliart version you, as the buyer,
cards against humanity in store?, get quite a distinctive car. On the outside Mitsubishi puts a unique front fascia with projector style headlamps and fog lamps and a very subtle air dam. At the rear, there is a rear spoiler/diffuser that aids air flow (and improves fuel economy slightly) at highway speeds. Those who see the side of the car will notice a bit of extra body work in the form of side body skirts and a set of 18 alloy rims finished in “Swordfish Silver.” If that doesn’t do it, then there are a couple of small Ralliart badges front and rear.

Even dressed up in Ralliart trim, no one can claim that this car is a showboat. In fact most people that I talked to knew what a Galant was, but didn’t have a clue about what a Ralliart was. All the better to have fun with because no one expects such a good looking, but plain sedan to have the performance that this car does. of torque. Modern engineering and electronics are responsible for a good portion of the power. Changes such as these now get the Ralliart from 0 to 100 km/h in about 7.0 seconds.

Adding to the performance is a new five speed electronically controlled automatic with “Sport Shift,” Mitsubishi’s version of a paddle shift system. I found that sticking the thing in drive was a lot less aggravating that shifting for myself (getting a touch lazy, I guess). Ironically, I still wouldn’t be without the choice because I did find a couple of roads that were much more fun to drive when I controlled the gear and the shift point. I even went so far as to play with the system on the on ramps and found that I could sucker a few of those who tailgate into going way too deep into a corner before they hit the brakes. There were a couple of times when all I could see in the mirror were eyeballs and elbows as the driver finally figured out what was happening.

In reality,
cards against humanity retail, the transmission wasn’t the only item that helped me. I have to give a large dose of credit to the sport suspension that is standard on the Ralliart. Spring rates are a bit higher than the regular suspension and shock valving is a bit more aggressive. The end result is a comfortable ride over a large variety of roads and seriously improved cornering potential.

Interior upgrades for the Ralliart include heated leather seats with red perforations and leather wrapped steering wheel with red stitching. The driver gets an eight way power adjustable seat while the passenger has to make do with a four way manual adjustable seat, much to my wife’s chagrin. Automatic climate control and a DVD based GPS system fill up part of the center stack while a Rockford Acoustic Design stereo with a six disc CD stacker fills up the rest of the space.

The climate control and navigation system worked very well and I would

probably be more impressed with them if it weren’t for the stereo system. With eight speakers placed around the car and sound emanating from six locations in the car, you can put out some impressive sound. I didn’t have my Stones CD with me but “Paint it Black” would have been one song of choice to run through the system.

With the front half of the car impressing me noticeably, it is time to try out the back half and yes,
game humanity, I do fit into the back seat. Leg room is good and I have a place to put my feet where I can move them about. My tush fits in the seat and the car is even easy to get into for us old geezers. I did find that head room could get a bit tight, particularly for those taller than me, but then if you’re making the payments, why would you be in the back seat?

Trunk room was great. The opening is large and lift over height is pretty good. Capacity is such that you can go to Costco for a month’s worth of perishables and still have a bit of room left over. Or, if you prefer an ancient method of measure; two teens could sneak into the drive in easily.

Mitsubishi wants you to put them on your shopping list when you head out to buy a new car. If the Galant Ralliart is any example, you should take them up on it.

cards against humanity price? 764

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