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citizens against humanity 272

Gender Equality Scheme

Scottish Ministers agreed two priority areas namely, tackling violence against women and occupational segregation.

2.2 VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN2.2.1 As one of two Ministerial priorities for gender equality, Scottish Ministers are required to publish a report on progress across the public sector on violence against women. The report, published on 1 July 2010 included the Scottish Government’s work to tackle this important issue. Violence against women is recognised as both a cause and a consequence of gender inequality, and the continuing high priority placed on this work by the Scottish Government reflects that position.

cards of humanity.2 Statistics published during 2010 11 show that:

In 2009/10, the police recorded 51,926 incidents of domestic abuse in Scotland, a decrease of 4% on the previous year, and the first year in which numbers had fallen. Of these, there were 996 recorded cases of rape and assault with intent to rape.2.2.3 Violence against women obviously has a major impact on the lives of women and children. There is also, however, a significant cost to society too, estimated at 4 billion 1 per annum in Scotland, taking into account the personal and emotional costs as well as costs to services such as health, police, social work, housing etc. The Violence Against Women Fund, the Rape Crisis Fund and the Children’s Services Fund will remain at their 2010 11 levels.

2.2.8 The National Group to Address Violence Against Women has continued to meet throughout 2010 11, and has considered its own remit and membership, as well as priorities for future action. Attended by key external and internal stakeholders, the National Group is chaired by the Minister for Housing Communities, Alex Neil MSP.

2.2.9 Over the past year, the Government has continued to implement Safer Lives: Changed Lives a Shared Approach to Tackling Violence Against Women in Scotland. Shared Lives: Changed Lives ensures that work on violence against women focuses on Prevention, Protection, Provision and Participation:

Prevention to prevent, remove or diminish the risk of violence against women and its impacts on children and young people.

Protection to protect women from victimisation, repeat victimisation or harassment by perpetrators and protect the children and young people affected.

Provision to provide adequate services to deal with the consequences of violence against women and children to help them rebuild their lives.

Participation to ensure policy making and practice development around violence against women is shaped by the experiences, needs and views of those who use services.

2.2.10 The Scottish Government’s work on violence against women is based on a gendered analysis which explains that historic imbalances of power between men and women are the root causes of such violence and abuse. Hence, it is more likely that women will be victims and men will be perpetrators.

2.2.11 Men are also victims, of both male and female perpetrators, and indeed the police statistics on recorded incidents of domestic abuse show an increase in those involving male victims.

2.2.12 During 2010 11, we have gathered information about male victims’ experiences and service needs, both through calls to the Men’s Advice Line and through two round table meetings with male victims and organisations supporting them (see paragraph 3.5.7).

2.2.13 In addition to situations where one member of a couple abuses the other,
crimes against humanity game, there are cases where both use violence against the other. This is termed partner abuse, and does not tend to have the same characteristics of being part of a pattern of controlling behaviour, which is much more than individual acts of physical violence.

2.2.14 Domestic abuse from same sex partners is also a significant issue and the Scottish Government has funded a project to raise awareness about the issues for LGBT people for the past three years. Funding for this important project will continue in 2011 12.

2.2.15 Significant policy initiatives during 2010 11 have included the etc (Protection Jurisdiction)(Scotland) Bill (see paragraphs 2.2.19 to 2.2.21); closing the legal loophole around the use of breach of the peace in domestic abuse cases (see paragraph 2.2.45) and the first Government advertising campaign aimed specifically at young people experiencing domestic abuse (see paragraph 2.2.27).

2.2.16 We also provided funding to Rape Crisis Scotland for their ‘Not Ever’ campaign, aimed at challenging prejudicial attitudes towards women in the context of rape. Evidence shows that women who have been raped are frequently judged on the basis of their appearance, and accused of inviting sexual assault if their clothes are short, tight, revealing or otherwise deemed ‘provocative’ and the campaign aims to challenge this.

2.2.17 A survey of 1,040 Scots carried out by Cello MRUK in February 2010 for the Scottish Government found that:

23% think a woman can be at least partly responsible if she is drunk at the time of the attack17% thought that a woman bore some responsibility if she wore revealing clothing15% say there should be some burden of responsibility for rape if the women is flirting8% think rape can be the woman’s fault if she is known to have had many sexual partners2.2.18 Challenging these attitudes is essential if the conviction rates for rape and sexual assault are to increase.2.2,
crimes against humanity card game.19 The etc. (Protection and Jurisdiction) (Scotland) Bill was passed by the Scottish Parliament on 22 March 2011 and the provisions in the legislation should come into force in autumn 2011,
cards againsthumanity.

cards againat humanity 782

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