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Official says proposed regulations could bankrupt e

SALT LAKE CITY Could the FDA proposed regulations on the e cigarette industry bankrupt a booming business? Utah Vapers says yes.

On Wednesday, Utah lawmakers asked for more restrictions. Lawmakers are sending a letter to the FDA, asking for tougher regulations while Utah Vapers is asking for more time to try and change their minds.

Captain Crunch and cotton candy, are those appropriate flavors? asked Representative Paul Ray, who proposed legislation to regulate how e cigarettes are advertised and sold during the session. The bill failed, but in April the FDA released its own proposed guidelines.

adults use e cigarettes, that their choice. It the kids, Ray said.

In a letter to the FDA, Rep. Ray will be asking the federal government to impose even stricter rules on how electronic cigarettes are marketed.

come back and say this is a safe alternative to cigarettes is completely a bold face lie, he said.

happy to
cheap ray bans see there are going to be some market restrictions, said Aaron Frazier of Utah Vapers. He said he supports any regulation that keeps e cigs out of teens hands. we really run into problems with these regulations, is with the details. said the FDA string of proposed regulations include forcing businesses to register the vapors it sells. The price tag? $15,000 for every flavor.

very concerned with what this could potentially do if the regulations get enacted as they are today, he said. that going to do is that is going to shut down, just in the state of Utah, over 50 Main Street businesses who employ a total of around 600 employees around the state. 75 day comment period the FDA gave the public end in late June.

My daughter uses one. It helped her stop smoking. I never heard anyone claim that they for you or that isn addictive. You made that up in your addled brain. (Diet Coke is addictive too, you know.)

Nicotine doesn cause cancer. That the whole point of the e cigs.

What your fascination with government regs, anyway? It already illegal to sell the things to kids. Enforce the existing law, and leave adults alone. I swear, Utah is THE most liberal state in the nation, if by liberal you mean micromanagement of our lives. Utah has plenty of prostitution. Always has. The only place it LEGAL in the entire United States is in a few rural counties in Nevada. Your idea that Utah is some kind of last bastion against prostitution is absurd.

Utah has plenty of marijuana. Anyone who wants it has it. No problem.

Utah has plenty of gambling. Utahns are the reason why West Wendover and Mesquite exist.

Adults do as they please. Including Utahns. The only question is how many of them you want to incarcerate for their choices. I think any and all behaviors should be legal for adults, as long as no one else has to pay for the consequences. Drugs? Go for it. But not a DIME of taxpayer money to treat the effects,

It not if people are only free to do as you say.

But to wrench the discussion back to the subject at hand: Why should the State regulate e cigs? As long as it illegal to sell them to kids, and the law is enforced, why should it be any of your business? So what if you don like seeing someone puffing in a e cig? Do we really need laws to protect you from seeing behaviors you don personally like? And what other behaviors should be on that list? What other prior restraints should be placed on supposedly citizens on the basis of what MIGHT happen?

The e vapor is just STEAM with a small dose of nicotine. There is no evidence that any bystanders get even a TINY dose from sharing a room with someone who is vaping. So why should it be regulated beyond just making sure kids can buy it? Give me a logical reason that doesn involve you imposing your personal on others.

So you dont like seeing people vape and it should be
cheap ray ban outlet made illegal.

I dont like see people wear their pants around their knees when they walk down the street, Lets make that illegal.

I dont like seeing people that obviously havent bathed in days. Lets make it illegal to walk down the street covered in dirt.

Is there anything else that you think we should make illegal because you dont like to see it. How about we have an big open ballot election and anything people write in that gets 50% of the turn out vote gets made illegal. I bet there are things that you do that people would love to have the police arrest you for.

I like to know why just because we are adults we are not entitled to flavors that taste good? They say that e cigs are marketing towards minors because of names like crunch and candy is the rule that states that directed towards children? I am a 43 year old woman and I vape and razzmatazz These people have absolutely no common sense and they will make up whatever issue that they need to in order to get what they want. Cigarette companies do not market toward minors and surprise surprise there are minors smoking.

The kids argument is so weak. It grasping at straws to find anything to find fault with electronic cigarettes. The fact that they are better than the combustible death sticks is a lie? Really? 4,000 chemicals in which 60 are known carcinogens in combustible death sticks. There is zero of that in e cigs. ZERO! Somebody please tell me how FDA approved Propylene Glycol, FDA approved Vegetable Glycerin and GRAS Flavorings put together suddenly becomes something that needs to be regulated, taxed, and generally made to disappear. Oh yeah. I forgot. Tobacco companies are seeing their bottom lines fall as well as Pharmaceutical companies and lost tax revenue from the sale of cigarettes. It not about your health or mine. It all about money and who is not raking it
discount ray bans in anymore.

Paul Ray is a bald face liar and an accomplice to the future deaths of smoking related illnesses from people subject to any regulations that result from his pernicious ignorant statements.

Obviously Mr Ray has no researched the reduced harm effects of electronic cigarettes and has never experienced how a smokers body changes for the better when one makes the switch.

Perhaps Mr Ray had a vested interest in big pharma as is evidenced by his funding portfolio. In that case Mr Ray I hope karma takes a little visit to your family one day for every person who ends up with an oxygen bottle by their side because of emphysema or who drowns slowly and dies a painful death for king cancer as a result of legislation that results from your ignorant lies.

This has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not e cigs are bad for you as adults or keeping them out of the hands of minors. Big tobacco will suffer tremendous financial effects if vaping takes over and exceeds the smoking community. If it not completely regulated by the government they believe
fake ray bans they will lose money, and we all know that is not going to be allowed to happen. Just my opinion. I love my vaping, various e juices and MODs! This thing needs to be nipped in the bud quickly! Completely ridiculous!

Not all vape has nicotine in it. You can vape without the nicotine in different flavors of e juice which more people than you realize do. Vaping leads to people in giving up smoking and please don say vaping is smoking it not. Vaping is no more than heated liquid causing steam with the added bonus of flavoring. Many doctor do not consider it smoking once the level of nicotine drops in a test they can run to check. No I not advocating that teens should have access to them. If anyone is against adults having e cigs ask them how much they have invested in the tobacco industry. They may not want to lose future stock income.Articles Connexes:

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