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2010 Results

18km Fiji Swim – Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa to Beachcomber Island Relay – results



1. No We’re Team Queensland
Laura Baker
Steph Greene
Alannah Jury
Jackson Vanderzant
Caitlin Zillman

3:36:06 Australia
2. Brisbane Torpedos
Shannon Austin
Sarah Johnstone
Kieran Logan
Teagan Rogers
Lachlan Smith
3:52:14 Australia
3. Mako Masters Plus Some 4:41:15 Fiji
4. Mako Wave Warriors A 4:41:15 Fiji
5. Launceston Lemmings
Katrina Archer
Suzanne Bower
Lia Giovanovich
Shane Gould
Simone Reid
4:49:22 Australia
6. Mako Wave Warriors B 5:34:04 Fiji
7. 3 beers and 2 champagnes
Jann Ashley
Conal Horgan
Neil Rogers
Louise Santos
Juliet Sharpe
5:36:17 Australia
8. NZ60+
Eleanor Pinfold
Julie Gunthorp
Lois Hill
Mike Bodger
Sue Pollard
5:51:26 New Zealand
9. Anzacs
Ian Coombes
Sue Coombes
5:56:57 New Zealand
10. Team Bollywood
Ben Carew
Christine Connolly
Stuart Dykstra
Annie Parnell
Rob Macgregor
5:58:47 Various
11. The Winning Team
Robyn Carr
Michael Fredericks
Claudia Nicholson
Justine O’Connell
Miles Tollan
6:08:30 Australia

18km Fiji Swim – Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa to Beachcomber Island Relay – results


1. Michael Sheil 3:46:46
2. Louise Stevenson 4:10:34
3. Ryan Huckle 4:37:12
4. Stuart Johnson 4:50:29
5. Tiffany Fraser Gillard 4:57:18
6. Tori Gorman 5:14:15
7. Heather Osborne 5:35:36
8. Esther Griffiths

18km Fiji Swim – Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa to Beachcomber Island Relay – results


The Bucket List Boys (David Cowperthwaite, Brynden Russell) AUSTRALIA 4:41:17
Nebo (Renita Magarry, Bob Weaver) AUSTRALIA 5:06:34
Mala Mala (Anna Elvin-Jensen, Peter Murphy) AUSTRALIA 5:11:57
Tropical Icebergs (David Handley, Richard Pain) AUSTRALIA 5:30:55

2.7 km Fiji Swim – Beachcomber Island – results

1. Terry Anderson 21.11 Australia
2. Michael Sheil 26.01 Australia
3.Alannah Jury 26.05 New Zealand
4. Jackson Van der Zant 26.06 Australia
5. Laura Baker 26.32 Australia
6. Caitlin Zillman 26.35 Australia
7. Ryan Huckle 26.49 Australia
8. Lachlan Smith 28.07 Australia
9. Sarah Johnstone 28.20 Australia
10. Steph Greene 29.15 Australia
11. Darrin Jones 29.22 Australia
12. Shannon Austin 30.28 Australia
13. Teagan Rogers 30.38 Australia
14. Bryn Russell 31.25 Australia
15. Ryan Ellmoos 31.38 Australia
16. Tiffany Fraser-Gillard 32.40 Australia
17. Tory Gorman 32.41 Australia
18. Michael Murray 33.22 Australia
19. Daryl Penna 33.30
20. Juliet Sharpe 33.37 Australia
21. Andrew Fraser-Gillard 34.18 Australia
22. Peter Miller 34.18 Australia
23. Louise Santos 34.26 Australia
24. Michael Hill 34.46 Australia
25. Matthew Twiss 34.46
26. Miles Tollan 34.49 Australia
27. Conal Horgan 34.53 Ireland
28. Gordon Thompson 35.02
29. Andrea Miller 35.06 USA
30. David Cowperthwaite 35.09 Australia
31. Maij Crawford 35.17
32. Jann Ashley 35.26 Australia
33. Brian Scott 35.26 Australia
34. David Handley 35.34 Australia
35. Mark Anderson 35.39 Australia
36. Sally Leung 35.43 Australia
37. Ellie Joyce 35.49 Fiji
38. Leena Pratt 36.03 Fiji
39. Deb Keenan 36.37 Australia
40. Mike Bodger 36.40 New Zealand
41. Stuart Johnson 36.52 Australia
42. Anthony Anderson 36.54 Australia
43. Sue Coombes 36.57 New Zealand
44. Richard Pain 37.08 Australia
45. Cindy Goudie 37.16 Australia
46. Francis Quinn 37.35 Australia
47. Andrew Jacobs 37.42 Australia
48. Tim Joyce 39.06 Fiji
49. John Freiman 39.07 Australia
50. Angie Davie 39.10 Australia
51. Eleanor Pinfold 39.43 New Zealand
52. Julie Gunthorp 40.10 New Zealand
53. Justine O’Connell 40.40 Australia
54. Pedro Araujo 40.41 Australia
55. Claudia Nicholson 40.41 Australia
56. Chris Thompson 40.41 Fiji
57. Lois Hill 40.42 New Zealand
58. Joanne McIntosh 40.42 Australia
59. Lisa Catherwood 42.00
60. Reuven Gordon 42.21 Australia
61. Nyssa Muir 42.30 Australia
62. Greg Chalmers 43.00 Australia
63. Ron Parkin 43.00 Australia
64. Campbell Gould 43.09
65. Ian Coombes 44.33 New Zealand
66. Sue Pollard 44.48 New Zealand
67. Federica Gerber 45.50 Fiji
68. Matilda Catherwood 47.37
69. Kieran O’Grady 47.58 Australia
70. Wei-Lee Tijo 48.37 Australia
71. Sally Cooper 49.08 Fiji
72. Alex Cooper 49.08
73. Jacqueline Tan 49.23
74. Louise Bryant 49.41 Australia
75. Steve Thon 50.57
Liv Walford
Richard Allcroft Australia
Ben Carew Australia
Robyn Carr
Anna Elvin-Jensen Australia
John Gould Australia
Chris Haines Fiji
Terence Heavener Australia
Michael Johnston Australia
Kieran Logan Australia
Stephen Matthews Australia
Ian McLennan Australia
Peter Murphy Australia
Kelvin Newman New Zealand
Peter P Australia
Michael Poot Australia
Leena Pratt Fiji
Anthony Purcell Australia
John Rutherford Australia
The distance of the swim varies from one year to the next due to tides and the positioning of the buoys.

1km Fiji Swim – Treasure Island to Beachcomber Island

1. Neil Rogers 17.19 Australia
2. Georgia Quinn 18.09 Australia
3. Peter Fox 19.18 Australia
4. Amanda Sefield 19.18
5. Suzanne Bower 19.18 Australia
6. Kobi Haworth 19.32 Fiji
7. Christine Connolly 19.42 Australia
8. Ben Carew 20.05 Australia
9. Alex Flower 20.17
10. Ashton Cullen 20.42 Australia
11. Stuart Dykstra 20.49 Australia
12. Esther Griffiths 21.02 New Zealand
13. Ian Birch 21.11 Australia
14. Sarah Maybin 21.18 Fiji
15. Ian Gould 21.33
16. Lesley Parkin 21.41
17. John Rutherford 22.13
18. Christopher White 22.21 Fiji
19. Kucyper 22.23
20. Terence Heavener 22.38
21. Denise Broenen 22.45
22. Robyn Carr 22.45 Australia
23. Janette Kaipo 22.49
24. Michael Fredericks 23.24 Australia
25. Ludwina Maybin 23.29 Fiji
26. Susan Joyce 23.42 Singapore
27. Ryan Medrana 23.58 Fiji
28. Annie Parnell 24.05 Australia
29. Michael Henry 24.51 Australia
30. Bronwyn Tilbury 25.04 Fiji
31. Hugh Maybin 25.13 Fiji
32. Richelle Turner 25.33 Fiji
33. Michael Sterndale Smith 27.05 Australia
34. Ellie Seckold 27.11
35. Jade Hannon 27.15
36. Chris Doe 28.01
37. Pauline Doe 28.04
38. Sharon Quinn 28.06 Australia
39. Ricardo Umbelino 28.39 Australia
40. Ruby Catherwood 28.48
41. Tony Hart 28.49
42. Kasey Tyler 29.04 Fiji
43. Catherine Wallace 29.22 Fiji
44. Vicki Fitzgerald 29.28
45. Kelvin Newman 29.36 New Zealand
46. David Caswell 30.12 Australia
Full list of results click here (pdf)
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