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  • You’re thoughts turn to how selfish and stupid he is

    And you have to find this uniqueness. That leadership. Michael Kors Handbags b moncler outlet online. Newlywed Neile Adams captured on film by hubby Steve McQueen in Tijuana on Nov. 2, 1956. This was their sole wedding picture. I do feel for her, and sometimes I wonder if I hyper sensitive to some things because […]


  • be renamed Fugging because name is already taken Austrians considering renaming their village from Fucking to Fugging have been told to think again because the name is already taken. Villagers at Fucking in Upper Austria voted yesterday to change the name to Fugging. But then came the news that there used to be a second […]


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School phone message hoax

The clip has been uploaded by at least three people who say teachers at the Sunshine Coast school unanimously voted to record the message which gives callers a number of humorous options to follow.

The message has been circulated around the world and has previously
cheap Michael Kors been attributed to other schools and frequently identified as a hoax.

However, the clip has been posted on an American blog site by someone called Thomas Lifson where it had attracted more than 35,000
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet views on Wednesday, September 15.

"If this isn a comedy bit," Lifson wrote, "there are
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet educators with brains, fortitude and a sense of humor still teaching in Australia."

The message tells callers to press one of they want to "lie about" their child is absent or press four if they want to "swear at staff members".

The female voice, which carries an English sounding accent, also invites parents to
Michael Kors discounts "make excuses" about why students have not done homework.

It not all negative and there is one encouraging option, to teachers at least.

"If you realise this is the real world and your child must be
cheap Michael Kors responsible
fake Michael kors handbags outlet for his or her own behaviour, class work and homework, and that it not the teacher fault for your child lack of effort, hang up and have a
cheap Michael Kors nice day," the woman says.

An Education Queensland spokeswoman said the department was aware of the YouTube clips but did not suspect jovial teachers were behind the stunt.

"This message is clearly a hoax that appears in many forms on the internet and is in no way connected to the school," she said.

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5 Popular Beliefs That Are Holding Humanity Back

Humans believe in a lot of stupid shit, and we do something stupid as a result of those beliefs about, oh, once every five seconds. And sure, most of you reading this are educated types who don’t believe in Bigfoot or psychic readings, but there are a whole bunch of equally stupid/harmful superstitions out there that are so commonly held that we
replica Michael Kors handbags don’t even think of them as such. Very few of us don’t fall victim to at least a few of them.

In fact, I’m something of an expert on this because I believe literally hundreds of idiotic things, and also because I wrote a ridiculous best seller about an apocalypse brought about by people believing in apocalypses. And I say that, in order to keep humanity from imploding, we have to give up believing .

5. That We’re Fulfilling a ProphecyThe headlines will make a lot more sense to you once you understand one simple fact: About 60 percent of Americans believe that Jesus Christ and his angels will descend from heaven and destroy the planet, and about 40 percent of Americans think it will happen within the next few decades.

Every decision they make, and every vote they cast, is done with this in mind. For instance, there is no reason not to drill all of the oil now, because who are we saving it for? The unsaved, who’ll be left behind when the demons roam free? Those heathens can walk.

I am not trying to disrespect anyone’s religion (and they’re not the only ones with apocalypse fever more on that in a moment), but personally, I do think that’s kind of weird.

And this affects your life. They that is, most people you pass on the street believe that the precursor to God tearing open the sky will be a sequence of political and military upheavals in the Middle East, mostly revolving around Israel, and that it is America’s
Cheap Michael Kors handbags role to facilitate those events. And again, they vote accordingly. intervention could lead to the apocalypse,
fake Michael Kors in
cheap Michael Kors fulfillment of stating that the Syrian city of Damascus would be left in ruins prior to Armageddon. (Note: Islam’s prophecy says the opposite.)

This voting bloc is also the reason why, if you’re running for national office in the USA, criticizing Israel is political suicide. Many Christians believe the formation of the current state of Israel is the fulfillment of another biblical prophecy. That’s why you have evangelical leaders urging Israel not to negotiate any lasting peace in the region would render the prophecy null and void.

At this point
fake Michael kors handbags outlet my young atheist readers are saying, "Exactly! Religion is a dangerous fairy tale we must all leave behind, Wong! I’ll buy your book right now, and a tip of the fedora to you, sir!" but that’s not the point, either there are lots of religious people who don’t believe we’re playing out a prophetic checklist, and lots of non religious people who do.

Look at our pop culture how many futuristic movies automatically assume an impending collapse of human society? Just this year we’ve had Elysium (about an apocalyptic economic collapse), World War Z (zombie apocalypse), Oblivion (alien apocalypse), After Earth (environmental apocalypse), Pacific Rim (giant monster apocalypse), The Host (alien apocalypse), Dredd (societal breakdown in the wake of Armageddon), and The Purge (violent societal breakdown). On TV you’ve got The Walking Dead (zombie apocalypse) and Revolution (a world torn apart by a nonsensical plot and two dimensional characters). None of those are Christian shows, yet all assume that we’re living in the end times.

So in an era when things are going better than ever, we all assume it’s about to fall apart. And we also vote accordingly. Check out any poll about what issues voters are most worried about. At the top you find things like the economy, health care, and the situation in the Middle East. What you find waaaay down at the bottom (if at all) are issues about the environment, natural resources, and education. Because those things only affect the future world our children will live in, and that world is a savage wasteland anyway. It has been foretold, either
cheap michael kors by the Bible or by RoboCop.

I think you could have made a much better case for impending Armageddon 100 years ago (1913 the brink of World War I!) or 100 years before that (1813 the entire world at war, thanks to the man many believed to be the Antichrist, Napoleon!). Shit, go all the way back to 1363 and you find the Black Death, a plague that killed 75 million fucking people. A dude walking around back then with a sandwich board proclaiming the end times would have been impossible to argue with. Yet, 650 years later, here we still are, bitch.

So, with all due respect, fuck the apocalypse and everyone who believes in it. Let’s try to fix the world instead. But that isn’t easy, since most of us believe .

4. That the Ghost of a Different Person Is Living Inside UsNope, I’m not talking about demon possession here, or even belief in a soul. I’m talking about the thing you, the reader, believe in, regardless of religion (or lack of). Here, I’ll show you.

Stand up, wherever you
cheap Michael Kors are, and describe out loud the worst thing you’ve ever done. OK, sit back down. Unless you were in public and have been asked to leave, in which case you’ll need to progress to another location to finish reading the article. Now, I bet for most of you, the story sounded
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet something like this:

"One time, when I was drunk, I cheated on my wife."

"A year ago, when I was short on cash, I stole from my roommate."

"During an argument in high school, I totally lost it and beat my best friend so bad, he had to go to the hospital."

"I ate another man’s flesh while infected with a mind controlling brain parasite."

Do you spot the key phrases there? "When I was drunk." "When I was short on cash." "I totally lost it." "Brain parasite." It’s not just that we make excuses for our behavior, it’s that we make a really specific excuse: That the person who did the bad thing wasn’t the "real" us."Man, it’s a good thing we only steal things ironically."

In each case, the message is clear: This isn’t who I "really" am on the inside. And we usually phrase it that way: "On the inside." As if there’s another, real person living inside our meaty body who remains pure despite what the body does.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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I’m Finding Out

Is it really better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all? And what is love, actually?

So this month I’ve set my mind to figure it out!

It’s a little bit of science. Recently there was a program on TVO’s Mysteries of the Mind week, part of Alzheimer Awareness Month, about the science behind love. Love is actually an addiction to chemicals in our brain. When we are in love, our bodies produce cortisol, the same as when we’re in a dangerous situation, and it makes us crave more of whatever’s causing the rush; it also makes us blind to negativity (and not notice our partner’s faults, for instance).

What’s more, we can experience unconscious feelings of bonding after thrilling or scary experiences that make us fall in love with someone, which can explain why you might fall for someone you meet on a daring adventure like skydiving! Women produce more chemical reactions in their brains than men, making them feel love longer. And after sex, your brain can trigger feelings of romantic love, which may also explain why men have more casual partners than women do. But did you know you can feel the same sensation of being in love after taking a warm shower or bath, or even drinking a warm drink? Statistics show that single people take longer and hotter showers than couples! It’s fascinating how something that feels like conscious decision can actually be guided by unseen hormones and chemicals.

Love is a journey not a destination. Like life, love is about the path we take to get where we want to be, just
fake Michael Kors as much as the end result. It’s something we need to work at, sometimes work through, and always strive for. It can take us on a ride, with its ups and downs, and maybe those emotions are influenced by brain chemicals but love is also about how we interact with others, the choices we make, and the perspective we choose to take. In the movies, people don’t really talk about the science of love; the characters show us the way love affects our lives. And art really does mimic life. Who hasn’t seen a romantic film and thought that’s just like what I’m going through?

For me, some of my favourite movies about love are Love Actually, Serendipity and Celeste and Jesse Forever co written by and starring Rashida Jones. Marilyn Monroe had a saying about this: "Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."

Our capacity to love deepens with experience. Heinlein said, "The more you love, the more you can love and the more intensely you love." I completely agree! Every love we experience allows us to love deeper the next time. In the movie Her, a futuristic Joaquin Phoenix falls
fake Michael Kors in love with his operating system (in a really believable way!) and admits that he’s never loved anyone so deeply before. His OS (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) replies that at least now he knows how.

True love thrives on a solid foundation. Every relationship needs to be built on trust and respect, but love does especially because there’s so much at stake. We are most vulnerable in our love relationships; more so than our friendships. Who doesn’t have a friend they can argue with knowing they will always have your back? But in love, we can get insecure or jealous or afraid. The best way to share a true love with someone, and move past those issues, is to build the relationship on a solid foundation. I think that’s key to a healthy
michael kors handbags outlet and long lasting love relationship, for any couple.

It really does take two to tango. Sometimes it can be easy to only think of your own needs in love; we look for
cheap michael kors partners who love and cherish us. But do we fully return the favour? Love is a two way street, and it really does take effort and action from both partners to make it last.
fake Michael Kors So keep the romance alive by being an active participant in your relationship. Bruce Lee once said, "Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep burning and unquenchable." I think what makes love the most exciting
replica Michael Kors handbags is that we don’t really understand it. Yet we yearn for it, we live for it and we believe in it. And in February we
cheap Michael Kors outlet celebrate it!Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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What will downtown Edmonton look like at the end of the decade

It all amounts to an unprecedented amount of construction for Edmonton, says Cory Wosnack, office leasing principal with Avison Young. "When you have billions of dollars of construction value being brought on stream within a five year period, that’s unheard of, not just in Canada, but in North America," he says. "Most people haven’t grasped the significance of it."

Several projects we know for sure are going ahead: The LRT expansion, the new arena district, the Royal Alberta Museum, expansions at MacEwan University and Norquest College, and various other condo and office towers.

Some other projects remain a bit more unclear: The redevelopment of , the major Galleria arts complex, a student residence complex near MacEwan University, and several condo and office towers including one that promises to be 71 storeys tall.

But if they all do go ahead,
fake Michael Kors what would downtown look like by 2020?

Here is a google map that shows all of the planned and potentional developments that are going to be taking place in the downtown core. Rogers Place

The 18,641
Michael Kors handbag outlet seat Rogers Place, on the north side of 104th Avenue at 103rd Street, will be the Oilers’ new home and site of concerts and shows.

Status: Under construction, completion 2016.

Cost: $605 million when the land, the Wintergarden pedestrian crossing over 104th Avenue, an LRT
replica Michael Kors handbags link, the community rink and other expenses included.

2. City office building

This curving 27 storey structure at 10330 101st St. will have 18 floors leased to the City of Edmonton for its downtown staff.

Status: Under construction, completion 2016.

Cost: More than $300 million.

3. Stantec tower

Edmonton engineering
cheap Michael Kors outlet and architectural consulting firm Stantec will have its headquarters here, on the northwest corner of 103rd Avenue and 102nd Street, in
fake Michael kors handbags outlet a 62 storey complex.

Status: Under construction, completion 2018.

Cost: $500 million.

4. Hotel/condo tower

This upscale hotel, at the southeast corner of 104th Avenue
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet and 102nd
replica Michael Kors handbags Street, is aimed at fans attending hockey games and concerts at the arena, and it will have a pedestrian link to the Stantec tower.

Status: In planning, completion scheduled for 2017.

The downtown Greyhound bus station on the southwest corner of 103rd Street and 104th Avenue will be gone (its lease expires in 2016) and in its place will be a retail and residential tower. This block of 103rd Street will be a pedestrian oriented road similar to Rice
fake Michael Kors Howard Way.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Royce to power up R in India

SPOTLIGHTCorporate WatchArcelorMittal renews India efforts; bets on JV with SAILArcelorMittal renewed efforts to write its India story meet SAIL globalisation dream in a joint venture that can be pathbreaking if it takes off.

Rel Power, Adani to invest $5 bn in Bangladesh power
Michael Kors outlet plantsJust Dial shelves plans to raise Rs 1,000 cr, will buy back sharesOffbeatKashmir begins to attract Bollywood againIn recent times, while Bollywood has somewhat rekindled its old romance with the valley, cinema halls in the troubled state continue to remain shut.

Tianjin: What makes the modern yet medieval city so alluringHow spiked products fail to get past regulators in USMarket MantraIs it time to buy, sell or hold? What you should be doing?The stock market is likely to remain flat till Diwali. For long term equity investors, this is an opportunity to accumulate at low prices.

Investing in stocks for 20 yrs? Top funds to be inWhy lazy investors should opt for multi asset mutual fundsWorkplace Career CornerIKEA’s India office: An activity based workplaceCompanies are encouraging an activity based set up as against an hierarchy based set up. Here employees use space as per the need of the project.

With 12,000 vacancies, Gurgaon to see job boom this yearScotland plans post study work visas for IndiansDespatches from DhakaIndia, Bangladesh to give land agreement joint pushModi and Hasina have given directives to officials on both sides for "expeditious implementation of the 1974 Land Boundary Agreement."

Boosting connectivity: India gets access to transit
replica Michael Kors outlet routes through BangladeshPM has managed to pull off 2 miracles in BangladeshPure PoliticsJayalalithaa declares assets worth Rs 117.13 croreHer Poes Garden home’Veda Nilayam’ is valued at Rs 43.96 cr. Jaya and her mother had purchased it for Rs 1.32 lakh in July 1967, the affidavit said.

Yogendra Yadav attacks Modi government on corruption issueDelhi: Najeeb Jung attacks Arvind Kejriwal with terse remarkMust see SlideshowsRenault pits Kwid against Alto and EonKwid will mark Renault’s entry into the compact Hatchback segment and will compete against the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Alto and the Hyundai Eon.

Choicest images: PM Modi’s landmark Bangladesh visitDelhi Metro’s ITO station all set for inaugurationMaggi on the BoilMaggi row: More states join the ban bandwagonA day after banning Maggi noodles, food safety regulator FSSAI on Saturday said it will test samples of instant noodle variants across different brands.

Government to sue Nestle for damages on behalf of consumersMaggi ban: FSSAI to test other noodles; pasta, macaroni on radarFood for ThoughtDi Bella gets ready for CCD Starbucks challengeAfter selling his coffee biz late last year to Australian food franchisor Retail Food Group, Phillip Di Bella is now dictating the brand strategy.

Huballi venture may expand to small towns with a different strategyBelgian craft beer at the forefront of sophisticated image makeoverDirect OpinionGovernment should lease land, not acquire itThe law’s thrust must shift from compulsory acquisition to leasing.

Beef ban: Bovine wisdom is fine, but stop messing with our dietThe good, the ban the ugly: What Maggi says about rural dietsDelhi’s Pollution DilemmaAir pollution: Why expats in Delhi are moving back homeCO2 level in Delhi is so high that a Californian breeze would seem like a breath of fresh air (cities in California are amongst the US most polluted).

Why just air pollution? Even the Delhi food might be hazardousAir pollution in Indian cities threat to future generations: MinisterTelangana’s 1st AnniversaryWhy innovation investment are the buzzwords in H’badWhether KCR can retain Hyderabad lustre or Chandrababu Naidu can offer investors an attractive alternative is the multi billion dollar question.

Hyderabad attracted investors not because of Naidu, says KCRTaipei based firm D Link on expansion drive in Telangana

BANGALORE: Rolls Royce, best known for its engines that power civil and military aircraft around the
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet world, is looking to scale up its research and development operations in India with the addition of a captive
Michael Kors handbags outlet unit. Bangalore which already houses R units of Boeing and Airbus, and others like Mercedes Benz is among the top contenders for the centre, which would complement Rolls Royce’s outsourced pool of 950 engineers.

Rolls Royce operates two engineering centres in Bangalore along with Quest and TCS, which were established in 2005 and 2010, respectively.

"We currently
cheap Michael Kors outlet have a good relationship with two Indian companies TCS and Quest who supply us with contract R services. We are slowly up skilling these teams. Now, we have advanced plans to move into the next phase of growth in what we do in R through our own operations," said Paul Stein, chief scientific officer of RollsRoyce who was in Bangalore.

While the Quest centre supports the delivery of Rolls Royce’s exclusive engineering solutions, the TCS centre provides engineering solutions and services for
cheap Michael Kors handbags product development.

Both centres concentrate on the company’s civil aerospace business, with a small amount of work being done for its marine business. The company is looking to add resources that could work on its other businesses, including civil nuclear technology and power systems for
cheap michael kors the industrial and energy sector.

Stein, who spoke exclusively to TOI, said that India had a massive talent pool to fish from. "We are looking to grow capability not just in IT, but in aerospace as well," he said. And added, "At some stage in the future we may do more fundamental research here."

Kishore Jayaraman, president of Rolls Royce India, said like many other global companies their ultimate goal was to generate IPs (intellectual property) out of India.

"We are in R today, but we can develop that into systems, bigger packages, serving bigger development needs that might be into futuristic technology. That’s the direction we are thinking about and that’s
cheap Michael Kors the direction we are moving in," said Jayaraman.

In India, more than 750 Rolls Royce engines of 10 different engine types power Indian military aircraft.

The company’s Trent 700 engines power the Airbus A330 aircraft used by Jet Airways for their long haul operations. Rolls Royce also has a 50:50 partnership with HAL to manufacture components for its Trent family of engines.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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The Truth About Secret Societies

That we are all searching for enlightenment in our own way, and that each person finds it in different ways hence the need for so many kinds of secret organisations. This has been called a void that we need to somehow fill, an emptiness within each one of us that calls out for a higher being or state of consciousness. Some psychologists believe that this is an evolutionary aspect of our lives, that within us there is a constant urge to improve and a deep rooted hope. This hope makes us strive for more and thus we become the strongest and fittest of the species hence evolution.

But, there is a truth in this that has missed many. There is a void within us, quite literally. This void is the lack of the true enlightenment experience. There actually is a higher state of consciousness. If it were not so, then the
michael kors handbags outlet feeling and emotions which drive people towards re discovering it would not be so strong and so universal. It is not and I have to state this each time the kundalini, which itself is a troubled and yet beautiful human electro bio chemical reaction. To follow this ancient Hindu concept to the letter is in the first instance next to impossible because texts do not exist, and secondly it is highly dangerous and can easily lead to psychosis and other forms of mental problems. It is one aspect of the true inner wisdom, but not the aspect only.

The secret societies, and indeed, some religions of the globe have attempted over the millennia to bring us back to this state of consciousness, but they have more often than not utilised it for their own gain power. How do we know this? A quick study of the secret societies of the globe will show that the enlightenment experience has been used in every single occasion to draw people in and keep them.

cheap Michael Kors handbags at least the 11th century an enigmatic group known erroneously as the Assassins emerged in Persia. They take their name from Hashish (hashish im, hashish takers), a trance inducing drug thought by many to help the leaders control the minds of the subverts. The name was originally in fact an insult.

In one famous statement, Hasan, son of Sabah, the Sheikh of the Mountains and leader of the Assassins said to an official of the Emperors court, "You see that devotee standing guard on yonder turret top? Watch!"

The Sheikh made a signal and immediately the devotee threw himself off the mountain top precipice to his death. "I have seventy thousand men and women throughout Asia, each one of them ready to do my bidding."

In the first instance this is amazing control over the mind of another individual. In the second it implies that the Assassins were much older than this early appearance, with seventy thousand devotees cast throughout Asia. No society can set up seventy thousand devotees over night, it would take many years to cultivate this kind of following and it would also take a lot of convincing unless there were an easier method of control that is!

As if to mimic or indeed follow an older institution the Assassins went through a cycle of initiation based upon seven levels. This relates entirely to the seven chakra points of initiation in the close by Hindu tradition. A tradition based around the energy of the serpent. It was at the seventh level that the Assassins reached the great secret, that all mankind and all of creation were one and that everything was part of the whole. This great
Michael Kors handbags outlet secret included being part of the whole and understanding its creative and destructive elements. The Ismaili (Assassin initiate) could therefore make use of this great power held within him. They firmly believed and in my opinion rightly, that the rest of mankind knew nothing of this power, with the exception of the other societies. The power came through the use of the drug Hashish and clever ritualistic involvement making the Ismaili feel part of a greater good, as a chosen one something Adolf Hitler would later use to gain control of the German people. There was however, an eighth level which was slightly separate and this taught that all religions and philosophies were false and that the only thing that mattered was fulfilment of this greater power, which lay within. Contrary to popular belief the Assassins were not just Muslims, they were not under any category that is currently known other than secret society. It was only later on in their existence that they had to turn to Islam as a means of survival and even then they had special privileges that allowed them to alter religion at
Michael Kors handbags outlet will.

The Assassins are always linked, and rightly, to the Knights Templar. Both groups had dealings and a mutual respect. There are even monetary dealings between the two groups. Could it be that the Templars understood this greater secret and brought this "Holy Grail" of enlightenment back to Europe with them?

The whole process certainly relates to the serpent energy or fire of the ancients around the world, which as I already knew was related to the serpent cults I revealed in The Serpent Grail. But there is another piece of evidence, which relates to this. In the time of the second grand master, Buzurg Umid (Great Promise), was situated at Alamut, otherwise known as the Viper Nest. And there are further links to the Templars in that Buzurg Umid actually made a deal with King Baldwin II of Jerusalem, a man closely connected to the Templars. Indeed in 1129 the Templars and
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet crusaders actually allied with the Assassins to take Damascus. This is an indication that the Assassins were not in fact anyway Muslim and in fact were even said to be prepared to take on the cloak of Christianity should it bring them further power.

The secret rituals of the Templars and the accusations made against them would relate entirely to
replica Michael Kors handbags the cult of the Assassins. The question has to be asked, did the Templars utilise the same mind controlling techniques as the Assassins? There is in fact evidence to suggest that the Templars, in connection with the Assassins actually understood the
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet use of drugs, especially for the relief of pain. Robert Anton Wilson in his book Sex and Drugs, indicated his belief that the Templars in fact used Hashish, and learned the use from the Assassins. This is not an unreasonable assumption, given the links. There are links to be found in the Templar rituals and beliefs with much of the Middle Eastern religions. There is Sufi influence with the Golden Head of the Sufi being implicated as the Baphomet of the Templars. This Golden Head, as Idries Shah points out in The Sufis, was implicated as the "worship of a mysterious head [which] could well
Cheap Michael Kors handbags be a reference to the great work of transhumanisation that takes place in the aspirant own head." This was the idea that ones own humanity was transmuted into gold through the enlightenment experience and thus the secret of alchemy is revealed.

Also, the initiate ritual of the Sufi involved passing through a doorway of two pillars. This entrance symbolised the portal into a world of illumination, knowledge and enlightenment. If it is true that the Freemasons emerged from a font of Templar knowledge, then this could indeed be one of the origins for the twin pillars of the Mason guilds. It is also similar to the twin pillars that pilgrims to Mecca must pass through (Safa and Marwa).

Parsi (Persian Zoroastrianism) influence is also seen in the Kusti ritual where each day they would tie a sacred cord around their waist. The fact that the Templars were accused of holding a ritual with a sacred cord closely resembling the practice of the Zoroastrian Kusti, indicates a tradition of knowledge going back through thousands of years.

These traditions can also be seen in that great Roman religion of Mithraism where the initiate was marked with the sign of the cross of the forehead. This was to signify the sun and the place of illumination, the very same as that of the Hindu ancient Egyptians and tribal American to name a few.

Much of this ancient and supposedly secret teaching was passed eventually in what is known as Gnosticism. All Gnostics cannot be drawn into one bag, but there is a general theme that of illumination and enlightenment. The methods are now familiar to us. Many believed that through a frenzy they could achieve the ultimate state and others that by fasting and mediation they would be drawn closer to god. The results were the same; a deeper understanding of themselves and the belief that they were in touch with god. This ecstasy would invigorate, and like being in a Nexus, the initiate would constantly want to re achieve this state, thus keeping him in the fold. The experience being so very real to the religious mind that they truly believed they were in communion with god. And this is why I constantly draw a line at the kundalini, because it has dangers that its proponents not only refuse to see, but can see because of its very nature!

The various methods used to access this altered state are very ancient. The ritual abstinence from food was as old as man. Practiced in the rituals of Eleusis the initiate would undergo a prolonged period of fasting and then followed by a period of waiting. This increased the sense of anticipation and heightened the mind, which would create the event in their mind before it actually occurred. No leader could ask for more. Eventually, the initiate was lead into the Temple where they enjoyed a ritualistic meal and thus great effects were produced in the body with increased levels of sugar in the blood, the mind almost in a trance state. There was whirling like the dervish, sleep inducing drinks and play acting by the great and seemingly powerful priests. Sacred objects and sacred words were then, at this point of heightened state, would be revealed. The age and breadth of this system of indoctrination can be seen in the closing words, "Cansha om pacsha", a Sanskrit term. Indeed, it is accepted by scholars that these rituals emerged in India from the ancient Brahmins. Strangely, these rituals also involved a sevenfold cord that marked the passing of the initiate.

As Aristotle himself wrote, "Those who are being initiated do not so much learn anything, as experience certain emotions, and are thrown into a special state of mind."

This "special state of mind" was a plasticity of the initiate that the priests could bend and manipulate to their own ends; just as the Old Man of the Mountain manipulated the Assassins. The initiate truly believed he or she had visited other worlds.

All these methods and means to manipulation were passed on through time into all manner of modern secret societies. In the High Priesthood of Thebes, a society first revealed in Germany in the 18th century, it was written of the initiate, "He was led to two high pillars between which stood a griffin driving a wheel before him. The pillars symbolised east and west, the griffin the sun and the wheel the four spokes of the four seasons. He was taught the use of the level and instructed in geometry and architecture. He received a rod, entwined by serpents and the password Heve (serpent), and was told the story of the fall of man." The symbols within this initiation are now obvious and ancient.

In the initiations and rituals of Witches similar themes are found. Whirling, dancing and a general build up to frenzy, would bring the participant into a general trance state known today as catharsis. This was helped along with drugs, such as the "ointment" used by the Witches to help them fly and which contained hyoscine. The leader would then guide them through a set piece ritual of words and incantations leading to complete mind control. Such control indeed, that like many religions, the participant would often give up their own family and friends. This is the origin of what we call in modern times a cult and it can now be realised just how hard it is to cult break.

This awakening of the mind through ecstasy is on the one hand a release from the norm and a breakthrough for the mind into a freedom state, but on the other hand it is a dangerous tool, used by many cults, secret societies and in fact mainstream religion to control and manipulate the masses for their own ends. It may be that some have nothing but good intentions at heart, but history has shown repeatedly that greed is all powerful and can take the soul of many well meant groups.

The lesson is, be careful in what and whom you believe. He can be seen on TV, heard on radio and has written for hundreds of magazines around the world.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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How to Ensure a Good Polyurethane Finishing for the Basement

The main reason why cork flooring is ideal for basement flooring is its durability and water resistance nature. Cork is strong, flexible and has good look on floors. However, experts have managed to come up with better and more proficient ways of making cork flooring the best choice. After putting cork tiles on your floor perfect polyurethane finish will enhance its features for the good of your building. It will be protected, stronger and more durable than when cork is put alone. Here are some tips for perfect polyurethane finishing:

When you are looking for a good finishing for your basement a quality brush will certainly help. The floor will not just be beautiful to appeal to people but also functional. When water based polyurethane is used
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet as finishing good brushing will be a preventive measure for loose bristles from adhering to the piece. However, the type of finishing will greatly determine the type of brush you use. Water based polyurethane require synthetic brush unlike the oil based bristles which need natural brushes. Always make the right choice.

When you shake a can of polyurethane to be used in your underground basement you end up creating bubbles
cheap Michael Kors which are unwanted. The bubbles will greatly affect how your finish will look like. You are advised to gently stir your finish as it will prevent this problem. Anytime you need to put a polyurethane finishing that has been stirred let it settle for at least 24 hours then you can use it.

Sanding is important for water based polyurethane coats. It helps by removing bumps and different types of blemishes which will certainly appear in your finishing. When you sand regularly it will penetrate the finish and will eventually affect your underlying stains. Using 180 sand
Michael Kors handbags grits or sandpaper will prevent various types of imperfections. It will also help your coats to adhere well and nicely. Always ensure coats are dry any time before you sand your floors.

As you apply polyurethane for your basement flooring ensure you make smooth strokes, and long strokes to the same direction. Taking up a good terrain and flow for the
fake Michael Kors coat finishing plays an important role in the perfection process. Unsightly grooves which might appear in your final grain will be prevented.

Change appearances which may occur with various polyurethane options

Water based polyurethane is a protective finish. The different types you choose will affect your finishing and the overall look of your basement flooring. You can either choose semi gloss or gloss, for example, if you want shinier appearances. Alternatively you can go for a natural look with satin. Generally water based polyurethane tends to dry faster.

Polyurethane is mostly considered easy to use by many people. When you put the
Michael Kors handbags outlet finish by yourself you
Michael kors handbags outlet will certainly need some good practice. Don gamble. Both oil and water based are ideal for different environments so visit the link to be more informed about the finishing.

Other article from Home Improvement Natural Cork Flooring; Sustainable and Eco friendly
cheap Michael Kors handbags Flooring Products

If you are thinking of a home improvement project that involves installing new floors, there are so many different flooring types to choose from. Moreover, you should know what that space is for.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Exhibition gives Canberrans a sneak peek at IKEA store

A pop up exhibit filled with Byholma armchairs, Hektar pendant lamps and jars of Lingonberry jam has opened to give Canberrans a first taste of what to expect when IKEA hits the capital.

The Explore IKEA exhibition details the history of the Swedish furniture giant as the countdown continues to its Majura Park store opening later this year.

Store manager Mark Mitchinson said the company had held similar exhibitions in other parts of the world in the lead up to a store opening, but the ACT space was the first in Australia.

"We want to give the people of Canberra something special."

Wooden "concept houses" erected in the space contain displays of traditional Scandinavian design, IKEA design processes and products including fabrics and Swedish food items.

A timeline of IKEA’s 70 year history and
Michael Kors outlet key pieces of furniture has been told through a wall of images and stories tucked inside cardboard flatpacks.

The exhibit, located inside the Majura Park Shopping Centre, will be open for the next 12 weekends.

"We want people to come in and understand a little bit more around the different aspects of
replica Michael Kors outlet IKEA," Mr Mitchinson said.

"It’s not just a store of 8500 products, there’s so much more to IKEA than that.

"We looked at how can we create that partnership with
Michael kors handbags outlet the people of
cheap michael kors Canberra
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet now and give them a little bit more information and knowledge around IKEA so when they open those doors it makes it even more special."

The space will also be used to train more than 250 staff, who will be employed at the store, and for customer workshops on interior design.

Nearly 194,000 Canberra properties will receive an IKEA catalogue in the mail for the first time as part of a
Michael Kors discounts national drop in late August.

Staff expect to announce an official opening date, which is still on schedule for October or November, around that time.

Visitation and vitality manager Amanda Gillman said IKEA lovers could browse a rough floorplan of the store, create inspiration boards and chat with staff in the space.

"It’s also a little bit for ourselves because Canberrans are really excited about us opening, but we
cheap Michael Kors can’t wait to open
fake Michael kors handbags outlet either so it gives us a chance to meet some of our customers and start that interaction."

Construction on the site continues and the last parts of the iconic blue building’s walls and concrete slabs are expected to be finished in the next few weeks.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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500 new college places created

Colleges in Scotland will benefit from the creation of 3,500 new places thanks to a multi million pound funding package announced today.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon visited West College Scotland in Paisley to announce 13 million in funding to create the additional provision.

The cash has been made available by the Scottish Government via the Scottish Funding Council’s Skills for a Competitive Workforce project, and European Social Fund.

It will be used to fund college courses that will provide quality training for young unemployed people, and others who face challenges finding work. People currently in a job who want to learn new skills will also be offered retraining suited to the current labour market.

Extra places will be created on courses serving key
Michael Kors handbags growth sectors where skills are in demand, such as energy, food and drink, health, and digital media.

Visiting West College Scotland’s Institute of Construction and Engineering, Ms Sturgeon said:

"This funding will provide high quality training in areas where skills are in particular demand, and will help many young people into work. It will also provide retraining to workers so that they can develop their existing skills.

"To secure sustained economic growth, Scotland needs to have a skilled and adaptable workforce. It is this type of joint investment that will help us meet this ambition.

"By investing in the development of skills in key growth areas now, we can
Michael Kors handbags outlet help drive Scotland’s economy in the future. Scotland’s colleges, now fully focused on supporting young people towards work,
fake Michael kors handbags outlet have a key role to play in this work.

"Of course, with the powers of independence we would be able to go much further than we can at present with the limited powers available to us.

"Integrating the work done by job centres, by skills agencies and by our schools and colleges, in ways we cannot currently do, would allow us get even more people into work, and build a more prosperous Scotland."

Commenting on the additional funding, Liz Connolly, Vice Principal, Corporate Development at West College Scotland, said:

"West College Scotland is delighted by this award from the Scottish Funding Council and European Social Fund.

"We will use this additional funding to support our employability activity, especially for 16 to 19 year olds. In particular, we will be looking for opportunities to invest in some of the key growth sectors of the Scottish economy renewable energy, creative industries, and food and drink.

"It’s an important part of our remit to work with local employers, respond to their needs and meet their training requirements. This money will help us do that, to the benefit of the communities we serve."

Laurence Howells, Interim Chief Executive of the Scottish Funding Council, said:

"This is great news for learners and I’m proud the Funding Council has
fake Michael kors handbags outlet been able to play a
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet pivotal role in securing this investment. Across Scotland’s new college regions this means better life chances for young people, vital support for employers and better prospects for Scotland’s economy."

Notes to editors

During her visit the Deputy First Minister is meeting three West College Scotland students who are doing a 12 week course in construction, providing them with a professional qualification in the shape of an SQA Intermediate 2 National Progression Award (Construction). This involves 27 to 30 hours per week for eight weeks in college, and four weeks work experience.
Michael Kors handbags outlet The funding for additional places is intended to benefit students such as these, who face challenges finding employment.

Mathew Hunter (17)

Mathew left school last May and worked for a short time in a charity shop in Partick in . He was keen to get a full time job and had also been trying to get into college, eventually securing a place through Youth Employability Scotland. Mathew says he’s thoroughly enjoying his time at West College Scotland and is confident his time
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet there will help him find a job.

Danah Jay O’Brien (17)

Danah left school in fifth year and was interested in a job that didn’t quite fit normal expectations. She tried mechanics for a few months and enjoyed the experience. She then decided to try another trade and applied to West College Scotland to get experience in construction. She’s amazed by how much she has learned in such a short space of time. She would like to have a career
cheap michael kors in stonemasonry. She says she loves to be able to stand back and say "I built that!"

Beth Leitch (17)

Beth left school at the age of 17 and trained as a tyre fitter for six months. She also did four weeks’ work experience at Allglass Reproductions in Linwood. Beth is really enjoying her time at West College Scotland, and says that working in a construction environment makes her feel positive about the future and more confident in her ability to succeed.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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5 Black Friday Myths the Media Wants You to Believe

The alarms start going off at 3:30 in the morning. Soon to be shoppers stumble angrily out of bed with fanny packs of coupons strapped to their waists. Coffee begins working its way through the Thanksgiving themed traffic jam in your entrails. Showers are neglected. Puppies are kicked. Bleary eyed motorists start pulling out of driveways, and it becomes official. The Holiday Shopping Season has begun.

Even if you don’t make the trip to the mall every Black Friday, you probably assume everyone out there is fighting through waves of toy riots and security guards to be the first ones in line. In reality, most of what you believe about Black Friday is a myth, right down to the day it falls on.

Why else would the local news cover something as boring as shopping? You also may have heard, or just assumed, that online shopping was taking a bite out of Black Friday’s lead over every other day of the year. This makes sense because it offers an alternative for people who don’t want to suffer through long lines and threats of death by stampede. Just shop from home on any other day of the year, right?"I’ve already been at this two hours and I’ve only had to gouge one person’s eyes out!"

Actually, Black Friday wasn’t the biggest shopping day of the year until the advent of online shopping. Before that, it was rarely even in
cheap michael kors the
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet top five.

So why was the media paying so much attention to the fifth biggest shopping day of the year? Well, partially because it’s a slow news day. With most
Cheap Michael Kors handbags people off from work and spending time at home with their family, the media has a captive audience and approximately nothing to talk about. So they began reporting on the one sector of the economy that was actually working (instead of pretending to work while totally mailing it in, like the media)."I’ll be honest, guys, I’m not even sure what city this is."

Of course, stories about how everyone’s out spending money weren’t drawing complaints from the advertisers.

Black Friday finally did become the top revenue earner in 2003 by giving people who would rather stay home with their family a way to get at the deals.

So the story that the media had been reporting for years that Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year finally came true, and suddenly they want to complicate it with a bunch of other days when you have to remember to wear riot gear to the mall.

This is because of a new strategy among retailers to make holiday shopping into a four week period. In 2010, Cyber Monday took in over a billion dollars in online revenue, the largest amount for any day in history.

Presumably, when Cyber Monday officially takes the biggest shopping day title from Black Friday, we’ll start hearing about how Cyber Monday is in danger of losing its spot as the hottest shopping day of the year to "Tip Jar Tuesdays," when consumers just empty their wallets into jars by the cash register."Dump your cash on the pile and piss right off."

4. It Turns Americans into Sale Crazed Lunatics

Before going near a retail store on Black Friday, you should make sure your life insurance is paid up. If the news is any indication, you’re going to be
michael kors handbags outlet dealing with a bunch of feral materialists. Every year brings more tales of shoppers fighting or killing
fake Michael kors handbags outlet each other. It’s as if the entire country is driven CRAZY by these great deals, but instead of slashing prices like the owner of Crazy Eddie’s mattress emporium, they’re taking it out on each other."I’ll cut you so hard!"

It seems like people are more violent on Black Friday because the national media doesn’t pay attention to violence at retail stores until it happens on Black Friday. Wesley Strellis walked into a Walmart a little after noon, picked up a metal bat from the sporting goods section, carried it to electronics and methodically destroyed 29 flat screen TVs. There’s the case of the 55 year old man who
fake Michael kors handbags outlet punched a 72 year old store greeter in the face for asking to see his receipt, and the guy who walked into a Walmart and pissed on a
Michael Kors handbags case of steaks. And who can forget the man who lit three racks of clothes on fire in the men’s department when Walmart wouldn’t let him return an item. There are crazy people in this world who do crazy things. Often times at Walmart. CNN didn’t report
discount Michael Kors on any of those stories because why would they?"Ho hum, just another March gunfight at the mall."Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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