Beach to Boat to Bar

Saturday 15 August 2009

This race is all about fun!

Once the more serious swims are over attention at Beachcomber turns to the hilarious ‘Beach to Boat to Bar’ race. A tradition of the Fiji Swims this race requires each swimmer to wear fins in and out of the water. Starting from in front of the bar everyone runs down the beach, swims 250m around the magnificent MV Surprise and back to the island before running (and often falling) back up the beach to the bar where they must down their beer – or orange juice if a youngster – before finishing.

As you can imagine this race has spectators and the competitors in stitches of laughter. In 2006 the race was won by Deke Zimmerman who took great pride in backing up after the 2.7km swim to find the legs to win.

Registration for the ‘Beach to Boat to Bar’ takes place on the day.

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