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Future Fiji Swims & the Shane Gould Swimming Project in Fiji

Bula (hello) everyone,

For the foreseeable future we will be focusing our energies in Fiji on the community drowning prevention program run by Shane Gould and Milt Nelms.  This means that until we secure a major sponsor to cover the costs of staging the Fiji Swims we are unable to hold the annual open water swimming races between Denarau, Beachcomber and Treasure islands.  While this is disappointing, it is a matter of dollars and I’m afraid I can’t keep subsidising the Fiji Swims … at the same time we are excited to be increasing the work we are doing for the Shane Gould Swimming Project in Fiji, especially on the Coral Coast of the main island of Viti Levu with the Outrigger Resort and the nearby villages of Malevu and Korotogo.

To keep in touch with the work of Shane and Milt and to learn how you can get involved with the Fiji community drowning prevention program ‘like’ the Facebook page for the Shane Gould Swimming Project in Fiji or email

Vinaka vaka levu (thank you very much),

David Handley

How MOOCs Are Taking Local Knowledge Global

Coursera co founder Andrew Ng is widely considered a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence. Along with Daphne Koller, he is the co founder of Coursera, the massive open online course (MOOC) platform, in April 2012. In just a little more than three years, Coursera has over 12 million users enrolled in more than 1,000 courses from more than a hundred institutions worldwide. Ng taught at Stanford University and is the director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab. He works on deep learning algorithms, which Ng says are loosely inspired by how the brain learns. He worked on one of the most ambitious artificial intelligence systems at Google called Google Brain. The system analyzed millions of photos taken from YouTube videos and learned to recognize objects, including human and cat faces, without additional human guidance.

Last year, Ng announced he would be stepping away from his day to day responsibilities at Coursera to become chief scientist and head of Baidu Research, and lead a new five year, $300 million research initiative based in Silicon Valley. Chinese language search engine Baidu, sometimes known as Google, is the world fifth most popular website with a $55 billion market capitalization.

In an interview about MOOCs and their impact, Ng says they allow universities to take their great content and project it onto a larger audience than they ever did before. Emanuel on the impact of MOOCs on traditional business education, also found that rather than poaching students, MOOCs complement, enrich and help business schools reach new diverse audiences. I think this knowledge is so radical in everyday society and most people on the planet will never have access to an on campus walk in class. I kicked off a Coursera founders conference by telling the story of one of the students, a baker in Bangladesh. She took Coursera courses including a microeconomics class from the University of Pennsylvania and model thinking from the University of Michigan and learned how to run a business. I showed her statements of accomplishments using her verified certificates on the big screen at the Coursera founders conference. Here was a woman who could never attend classes in her city, but today she credits part of her success to Coursera courses. university. All over the developing world, people for whom English is not their first language are trying to use online education to not only better their own skills, but also to help catapult their companies goals as well. They are very eager to learn just so that they can make things better for themselves, whether it a career, or it just learning something new, just like the baker in Bangladesh. What do you think about the impact that Coursera has had, and how you think that might change in the next few years to come?

Ng: A lot of the students who come to Coursera today are from developing economies, and it true that India and China are just two pieces of it. I absolutely agree that the developing world is much more than just that. The debate on developing economies is an interesting one, because there is the hope for MOOCs to give access to the niches of society.

I actually heard two messages used. One sometimes will criticize that two thirds of the people we serve are not in developing economies and so we serving two thirds developed economies. However, in almost in the same breath, a different person encourages us to increase our learning platform for [that segment]. I think that all Coursera was doing was serving the call to the half million learners that all come from developing economies. I think everyone will agree that a fantastic thing. And that is actually what Coursera does today. It just that on top of that, we serve another five and a half million learners that come from developed economies. So I think that there will be a trickle down effect, as more people get Internet access. There are billions of people on this planet who don get good Internet access. university. I think the reach of MOOCs has a vastly greater representation in the less privileged members of our society.

I think the language issue is a very interesting one. Sometimes I go to a university, and I ask them, many of your professors speak English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish and Arabic? I think usually they find none of their professors speak that many languages. I hope that in the future, they will on Coursera. We don today and we not where we would like to be, but I think that the opportunity to translate content into lots of languages means that professors on Coursera will be able to speak English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese or Arabic. And I think that having a community of learners and translating content will help, say, English speaking professors reach a lot of non English speaking learners. We definitely not where we like to be and there a lot of work to be done still, but I think the early initiations of having a translating community, of having student volunteers translating all the content, seems very promising to me.

Finally, just to relate a kind of personal story: One of the things we trying to do is remain connected with learners, and so when I travel to different cities, I will sometimes go to the local student meet up. There are thousands of student meet ups organized all over the world, and when I in some countries, sometimes I will reach out to the organizer of the meet up and request to join their group just to meet and chat with students. I do this partly because I enjoy meeting the students and partly because it helps me stay connected to learners all around the world. And when I do this in developing economies, one thing that struck me was the real hunger for knowledge. when I go to some meet ups, there is a certain hunger for knowledge. When we walk around our university campuses, we are used to information overload, there is just a buffet of great causes, and we just don have time to learn everything we could learn. In developing economies, these people really don have access. I very surprised when people would take a train for two hours to listen to people talk in some city because in the rural towns in which they live they just did not have access to knowledge. When I speak with all these learners about MOOCs, there is a certain gratitude and hunger that different than what there is in the developed world. Clearly there are examples like ignoring landlines and going straight to cellular phones. or China have relatively developed higher educational systems that are serving a reasonably large fraction of the population. India, in contrast, has a very small higher educational system relative to the size of the population. And their big challenge is to create more capacity. does not need to create a vastly larger higher educational system. I think we tend to worry more about issues of cost equality. I think it very good that we worry about how to make it better. cheap nhl jerseys china India just does not have enough seats.

And so, some of the most innovative work I seen is transforming the higher ed system, especially in India, where they have incredible programs, creating tens of thousands, and hopefully soon, hundreds of thousands of teachers. They blend the learning fashion, combining MOOC content with closer instruction. I think that blended learning was a great idea. I think it will improve the quality of education and I think that the first few countries to implement this skill will really influence the way that really makes them appear valuable to the whole country. It will be developing economies, specifically India and China.

The challenge for blended learning will be in teaching. If you want to move your country to blended learning, this is something that requires working with hundreds of thousands of teachers to help them understand a better way for them to teach. And I think it clearly a better way for them, it would add more value for the teachers, more value for the learners. The completion model that a lot of people question about for the MOOCs really doesn apply to the developing economies, since people there are just using MOOCs to make themselves and their lives better. and maybe Europe, but have you seen any research coming from the developing world about completion rates for students there?

Ng: We have measured completion rates in different countries and yes, there are small differences in completion rates among different countries. Canadians, for example, have a slightly higher completion rate than Americans do. I don remember whether Indians complete courses at a higher or lower rate, but I think that the issues of completion are really global. And I think completion is becoming an increasing fear, [but] it the wrong way to think about what learners are getting out of MOOCs. You have 5,000 students that complete a course. There about an equal number that watches every single video, but doesn do the homework. So should we then say that the completion rates are actually almost double what they are? If they watching every single video, presumably they getting something out of it, but they just chose not to do the homework. That seems like a fine thing to me.

At Coursera, we are starting to experiment with more flexible models of education. Today we asking ourselves questions such as, this region or instruction, why do we need deadlines? It turns out that one of the reasons learners don complete the course is that, something happens at work, and they miss a deadline, after which it can be difficult for them to finish the class and earn their certificate. They become demoralized, so we asking ourselves, are deadlines necessary? Deadlines are a somewhat primitive way to motivate course completion if you don do the thing on time, you lose points. But in this era of auto grading and peer grading, is it possible to just learn with a small flexibility and let them complete courses at their own pace? And that a really good question; I really don know the answer to that. It possible that without deadlines, maybe no one will complete courses. My instinct is that won be the case, but these are the sorts of questions we wholesale jerseys asking ourselves.

you want to move your country to blended learning, this is something that requires working with hundreds of thousands of teachers to help them understand a better way for them to teach. Some Coursera competitors, edX for example, have adopted a non profit 501(c)(3) corporate structure, while Coursera is a for profit venture. Does choice of structure change the way decisions are made at Coursera? For example, edX maintains all data following the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Regulation (FERPA), which limits some uses of user data in subsequent marketing, while easing data access to researchers. Would Coursera meet resistance from investors if it chose to do that as well?

Ng: I can comment on edX since I not familiar with the details of their operations. But Coursera is extremely mission driven, and has always been. Even before founding the company, when the team was comprised of four students and me, our No. 1 rule was what best for students and this remains our touchstone for all of our decisions today (though it got rewritten to what best for learners later). We also take learner privacy very seriously. I personally very confident that MOOC certificates are helping many learners find better employment. Unfortunately, I don hard numbers to back that up yet. Your recent efforts in developing an on demand service seem designed to support individual study. Is Coursera changing course with regards to the value it places on cohort learning?

Ng: I think that cohort learning is valuable, and so are learner interactions. On demand is better in some ways for encouraging those interactions. First, in today peer grading system, after you submit your homework you might need to wait a week before it gets peer graded. In an on demand system, once you submit your homework, we could ask the next five students who submit to grade your homework. Depending on the number of active learners, this will usually mean that you get your homework graded more quickly. Also, in today cohort system, the forum answers are erased and we start from scratch each time a course re runs. In an on demand system, forum answers can be preserved permanently, and be an archival record (which new students can keep adding to), thus making answers easier to find.

this era of auto grading and peer grading, is it possible to cheap nba jerseys just learn with a small flexibility and let them complete courses at their own pace? Right now, most learners that are taking MOOCs are actually working adults. Coursera serves a very cheap jerseys china broad demographic, anything from high school students to retired adults. But the center of gravity for Coursera is working professionals, so median age is about 35, with a bachelor degree, and most in their 20s and 30s, also late 40s. The reason for this is that, just as a statistical fact, most of us spend most of our lives as working adults, only a relatively short period of our lives is spent in high school, college, and so that part of why most of the learners are working adults.

The second is, it turns out that most college and high school students already have convenient access to education; you just go to college every day. But working adults such as you and me don have continued access to education that we need in order to stay current. Even for professors or people who aren professors, it very inconvenient to hire a babysitter twice a week and go to a night class at a community college. So I think the biggest impact of MOOCs is bringing working adults back into the educational system.

It turns out that, having a room full of 100 people is a very inefficient way to learn. And we know from the data that the retention rate is shockingly low. You remember 20% of the lecture. Reading is another example. Maybe adults have learned to become efficient at using these modes of learning, but I think sitting in a lecture [is] very challenging for young people. I know more about reading, but it turns out that reading is hard for a lot of people, because there so much work, there so much text, and it challenging for people to learn how to process all that and to identify and focus on what important. I guess the same thing is true for lectures, that over time we have developed certain habits of processing the lecture, but I think overall, the modern lecture, where the professorjust talks in front of 200 people, is not a very efficient way for learners to learn.Articles Connexes:

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2008 Stats: 5,069 passing yards, 34 touchdown passes, 17 interceptions

2009 Projections: 4,800 passing yards, 30 35 touchdown passes, 15 interceptions

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2008 Stats: 4,002 passing yards, 27 touchdown passes, 12 interceptions

2009 Projections: 4,000 passing yards, 30 touchdown passes, Mens Dan Orlovsky jersey Kids Deandre Levy jersey 10 15 interceptions

3. Tom Brady New England (32)

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2008 Stats: 76 passing yards, 0 touchdown passes, 0 interceptions

2009 Projections: 3,800 passing yards, 30 touchdown passes, 15 interceptions

Warner is back in the Arizona desert and he will have Authenitc Youth Dan Orlovsky jersey an opportunity to once again be a top fantasy football quarterback in 2009. With Pro Bowler Larry Fitzgerald, up and comer Steve Breaston, and rookie Chris Beanie Wells in the offensive mix for the Cardinals, Warner should once again put up Pro Bowl caliber stats during the 2009 season. And if Anquan Boldin remains with the team for the 2009 season, Warner could be an MVP candidate even at age 38 this season.

2008 Stats: 4,583 passing yards, 30 touchdown passes, 14 interceptions

2009 Projections: 4,400 passing yards, 30 35 touchdown Elite Youth Deandre Levy jersey passes, 15 interceptions

5. Aaron Rodgers Green Bay (26)

After just one full season as a starting quarterback in the NFL, Rodgers has the makings of being a Pro Bowl quarterback. Expecting Rodgers to exceed his 2008 stat totals for the 2009 season is very realistic.

2008 Stats: 4,038 passing yards, 28 touchdown passes, 13 interceptions, 207 rushing yards, 4 rushing touchdowns

2009 Projections: 4,000 passing yards, 25 30 touchdown passes, 10 15 interceptions, 200 rushing yards, 2 rushing touchdowns

At age Authenitc Blue C.J.Mosley jersey 28 to begin the 2009 season, Romo is entering the prime of his career. And the best news for Romo this season, may actually be that Elite Blue Deandre Levy jersey he no longer has to worry about forcing the ball to Terrell Owens. With playmakers like Jason Witten, Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Roy Williams surrounding him, Romo should enjoy plenty of success during the 2009 season.

Most folk are under the opinion that professional gamblers have one bet, play one game of poker, or some other form of gambling, and then collect the winnings and go back to their big mansion for a few months rest, before having another gamble!!

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Creating an Elite Black Mike Santorelli Jersey ice shoulder Women Ryan Kesler Jersey wrap the old fashioned way is Men Frederik Andersen Jersey a Youth Cam Fowler Jersey Elite White Kyle Elite White Kevin Bieksa Jersey Youth Corey Perry Jersey Palmieri Jersey complex affair Elite Black Ryan Kesler Jersey that takes a lot of specialized knowledge and Authenitc Black Cam Fowler Jersey practice. Ankles, knees and elbows present much less of a challenge because Men Kyle Palmieri Jersey an elastic Elite Kyle Palmieri Jersey bandage can easily be wrapped Youth Shawn Horcoff Jersey Women Shawn Horcoff Jersey around Authenitc Shawn Horcoff Jersey all Men Men Kevin Bieksa Jersey Shawn Horcoff Jersey sides of these joints. Shoulders and Authenitc White Paul Kariya Jersey hips, however, connect limbs to the body’s core and therefore are literally harder to get a grasp on.

For a shoulder wrap, the elastic bandage must first be wrapped around the upper arm to anchor one end of the bandage to the limb. Kid Shawn Horcoff Jersey The bandage is then stretched over the shoulder and down across the back, wrapping under the opposite arm before coming up across the chest. The first layer of this figure eight design Youth Cam Fowler Jersey is completed by going over the shoulder from the opposite angle, and coming down and circling the upper arm again. Neoprene braces that offer both cold and compression therapies are available that can Youth Paul Kariya Jersey be slipped on the shoulder easily. The chilled liquid core of these braces offer 20 minutes of cold therapy before needing to be frozen again.

Icing a shoulder after a repetitive motion such as throwing, painting or lifting prevents swelling and inflammation from setting in. It also numbs the shoulder and relieves the pain associated with muscle strain. Ice wraps should be considered a mandatory part of any physical activity that involves significant use of this important joint.

It may not seem like it, but golf is as much about muscles and good physical condition as any sport is. It seems that because golf is a more slow paced sport people do not give golfers the credit Authenitc White Tuukka Rask Jersey that they well deserve. The Women Reilly Smith Jersey professionals make golfing look easy from a distance, but if you really think about every muscle they have to utilize to land Elite White Chris Kelly Jersey the perfect swing you will better Youth Marc Savard Jersey understand the Elite Gold Jeremy Lauzon Jersey physical demands of this game. There are people wondering Authenitc Kid Chris Kelly Jersey Black Bobby Orr Jersey right now about what muscles are used in a golf swing. Of course, the muscles of a Authenitc Black Dougie Hamilton Jersey golfer’s upper body are extremely important to the game. However, just because Authenitc Gold Marc Savard Jersey golfer’s need to be strong in the right places, Elite Reilly Smith Jersey this does not mean they will have to train and work Youth Bobby Orr Jersey out quite Elite Gold Dougie Hamilton Jersey like a body builder might. Focusing Elite Gold Chris Kelly Jersey solely on the muscles that are Authenitc Gold Elite Gold Marc Savard Jersey Bobby Orr Jersey used in the golf swing is the most important thing. A golfer’s hamstrings are one Women Chris Kelly Jersey of the most important muscles of the lower body. Good hamstring maintenance can bring good golf posture and help in the prevention
your family, additionally the detailed company. In an attempt Kid Reilly Smith Jersey to embark on learning any game, ensure you primary take notice of the information should they Authenitc Patrice Bergeron Jersey be presented with. Simply because you set out to work the main perform you should definitely take your time, Authenitc Black Jeremy Lauzon Jersey there is not any pick up on with using challenges. You’ll find, when learning a good have fun with playing please request different owner particularly needed. Proper exercise is finally over picture often the have fun in the mind. Extend beyond the product over and over, professionals who log in see that the human brain will help you uncover the bets even if you bed. On the other hand the buyer other strategies as in information articles as well as sports activity research posts, sporting online forums construct a veritable treasure trove of info Elite Dougie Hamilton Jersey furnished by various many people. Football lines could also be measured while using the advice that you can search for coming from athletics discussion boards. Definitely go to the blog
10 x Men Keith Magnuson Jersey 10 grid with a total Youth Denis Savard Jersey of 100 squares Women Bobby Hull Jersey (possibilities in probability parlance). Each square is initialized with the person who wanted that score. One team Kid Bobby Hull Jersey and the possible scores they might achieve runs horizontal while the other’s runs vertical. One of these combinations of numbers will correspond to the final score of the game. You decide how much a square is worth and then the winning square takes all the money home. Most square organizers put the numbers Elite White Keith Magnuson Jersey down first and let Elite Black Denis Savard Jersey people choose, but others make it so it’s Kid Keith Magnuson Jersey Women Glenn Hall Jersey Authenitc Red Glenn Hall Jersey more random because obviously, some predicted outcomes Authenitc Black Keith Magnuson Jersey are more likely than others (people counting on Elite Black Joakim Nordstrom Jersey a two point safety in the game Authenitc Bobby Hull Jersey rarely get it). So let’s get you to your first option for creating a custom Super Elite Black Bobby Hull Jersey Bowl square with the template at Numbers Templates. This template has Elite Keith Magnuson Jersey Women Denis Savard Jersey Auburn versus Alabama on it, but the explicit directions on how Youth Corey Crawford Jersey to customize it using the appropriate NFL contenders are right there with it. It also gives you the option to hide or display
Deninger says. "The league is looking forward and we have these Men Joakim Nordstrom Jersey people looking backward." Other critics have questioned the changes the "League of Denial" could render. Dan Diamond at Forbes doubted the impact that the "excellent" film would have. "Name the last PBS documentary that changed American Elite Red Keith Magnuson Jersey sports, or business, or law," he wrote, pointing out that little new information about the NFL’s role was actually revealed and furthermore, that PBS has a limited viewership. A little more than 2 million Elite Brandon Saad Jersey people tuned in to watch the Tuesday’s broadcast, a 50 percent increase of the typical Frontline audience, but by no means blockbuster. Documentaries have a storied past of changing the conversation on cultural, political and social issues. "There’s a long tradition of Women Glenn Hall Jersey this and there’s a forward looking tradition of this," says Alice Elliott, an Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker and professor at New York University. She cites the documentaries
Parents of kids who play Premier Authenitc Green Kari Lehtonen Jersey Black Tyler Seguin Jersey sports, their coaches and the players alike, pay attention: ESPN and YouTube have put a call out for your user generated Authenitc Black Erik Cole Jersey content. If you have Men Authenitc Black Tyler Seguin Jersey Kari Lehtonen Jersey Premier Jason Spezza Jersey any original sports highlights you like Premier Green Neal Broten Jersey to share on YouTube, be sure to submit them Women Bobby Smith Jersey to ESPN as well. While it not necessarily called a contest YouTube blog entry simply calls it the version Authenitc Tyler Authenitc Black Kari Lehtonen Jersey Seguin Men Neal Broten Jersey Jersey the YouTube/ESPN sponsored Highlight will pick a number of favorite entries, and from them, a winner will be picked based on the Youth Bobby Smith Jersey number of votes it receives from the YouTube collective. Authenitc White Jason Spezza Jersey Winners will be Women Bobby Smith Jersey flown to Bristol, Connecticut, and they will be given the red carpet treatment by the Worldwide Leader. A special segment will be filmed and during this portion of SportsCenter, the winning highlight will be shown. Naturally, Authenitc Black Kari Lehtonen Jersey there Authenitc Green Erik Cole Jersey a video explaining the Youth Tyler Seguin Jersey contest even further: While the contest seems to be aimed at the soccer families in the US that is, parents who very active and supportive of their offspring amateur sports career the rules
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Major dollars are on the Women Pierre Turgeon Jersey line, but companies Authentic Blue Derek Roy Jersey are so unhappy with Kid Evander Kane Jersey a rash Elite White Elite Tyler Ennis Jersey Dale Hawerchuk Jersey of domestic violence cases Youth Derek Roy Jersey involving National Football League players that they are likely to drop sponsorships, said Robert Tuchman, president of sports and entertainment marketing firm Goviva. "They are really holding on until the last minute until public outcry is so much that they can’t be associated with this," said Tuchman. "That’s when you’re going to find them pulling Elite Gold Ryan Oreilly Jersey out." Football is the nation’s most popular sport and has always been an advertising vehicle of choice for major consumer brands. Companies have committed millions of dollars to NFL sponsorships and millions more in related programs to leverage those sponsorships, said Tuchman. He added, "No one wants to pull away Women Derek Roy Jersey from Elite Tyler Ennis Jersey the NFL." But Men Pierre Turgeon Jersey companies are now distancing themselves from the league following a Elite Pierre Turgeon Jersey series of shocking incidents involving pro football Men Pierre Turgeon Jersey players and what’s seen as a weak response from the NFL. In the latest
own. Last year commercials were great, but this Authentic Blue Ryan Oreilly Jersey year Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner. history, it safe to say Elite Blue Tyler Ennis Jersey that most of us will be watching Super Bowl XLIX on February 1st, 2015, whether via TV, web, or mobile. Of the millions that will be watching the big game, many won be paying attention to Elite White Zemgus Elite Ryan Oreilly Jersey Girgensons Jersey the majestic athleticism and sacrifice displayed by the players. No, a lot of people will be tuning in just for Katy Perry halftime show and the various. For the Authentic Blue Ryan Oreilly Jersey most part, Xbox Live is amazing, but Youth Evander Kane Jersey there is one thing that has been annoying for pretty Authentic Evander Kane Jersey much everyone, to say the least. Microsoft Points. Why do we have purchase points with real money, just so we can be confused at how much money we really spending when we download games and Authentic Gold Zemgus Girgensons Jersey movies with those points? Well, Say Goodbye to the Xbox One was revealed, Microsoft also announced the removal of the confusing MS Points system in lieu of real currency, which will be available to everyone this fall. But if you don want to wait, you
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Detroit Lions tickets aren’t the hot item they once were when Barry Sanders roamed the Silverdome, but some exciting new offensive weapons have brought the team back on the NFL radar. A new quarterback, a new coach and a new offensive system have revolutionized the way Detroit sees football. The only downside of this upswing is that tickets are harder to get than ever. A Motor City Revolution Detroit Lions Cheap Yeezy 550 Boost fans didn’t have much to cheer about over Replica Yeezy 350 Boost Free Shipping Yeezy All Sizes For Sale the last few years, as their team finished with dismal records from 2001 to 2003. The good news is that Replica 350 Boost Online Replica Yeezy 350 Boost Online Replica 750 For Sale the Cheap Replica Yeezy Boost 350 Shoes Yeezy Boost 350 Release Lions improved each year during that period. (Ok, so they only jumped from 2 14 to 5 11, Release Air Yeezy Boost 750 but that’s still an improvement.) New head coach Cheap Replica Yeezy Steve Mariuchi Cheap Yeezy 550 Shoes has brought with him the West Coast offense from his days in San Francisco. Cheap Adidas Yeezy Cheap Adidas 750 For Sale 550 Cheap Yeezy New Release The West Coast offense is so widespread these days it might Cheap Adidas 350 Online Shopping as well be called the Cross Continental offense, but its effectiveness has solidified its popularity in a true copy Boost 350 $189 Release Date Replica Yeezy 750 Free Shipping cat league. Any team running this offense needs a solid quarterback, and Detroit thinks they’ve found their man in Joey Harrington. Harrington, a standout at Oregon, has brought new credibility to a Lions offense that has stumbled since the departure of Replica Yeezy Boost 350 Shoes Sanders in the 1990s. Luckily, Harrington has been handed Yeezy 550 Replica For Sale a solid supporting cast of receivers. Guys like Cheap Yeezy Boost 350 Online Az Zahir Hakim, Tai Streets and Charles Rogers are ready to make the long ball a regular feature in the Motor City.
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Six people were indicted Thursday in the death of NOPD officer Rodney Thomas,2016 cheap oakleys for sale, who was killed by a hit and run driver on the Interstate 10 high rise the night of July 7. Five of the six were in NOPD custody Thursday evening. They are: Bill Cager,Yeezy 550 Boost For Sale, Kenneth Halley,Troy Niklas Jersey Wholesale, Nephateria Jones,replica michael kors outlet, Justin McKey and James Ratliff. John Chambers also was indicted and is still being sought in the case. Through tips and investigation,cheap replica oakleys, NOPD homicide detectives traced the car in the accident involving Thomas to an auto body shop in the 2600 block of Gravier Street. Surveillance video taken the morning of the hit and run shows someone opening the shop’s garage doors,fake cheap oakleys, and someone driving the car inside. The video later shows people trying to conceal evidence of the crash,christian louboutin on sale, the NOPD said. during Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s town hall meeting on the 2014 city budget in eastern New Orleans. Police were able to gather information about their involvement through tips from Crimestoppers. "As a result of the information we gathered with the help of the public,Yeezy All Sizes Replica, investigators and the district attorney’s office,jerseys wholesale, those indicted today are facing decades in jail if convicted,fake ray bans sunglasses," Serpas said. Serpas added that he’s pleased that the court recognized the severity of the charges in the indictments and issued incredibly high bonds. Halley’s bond is the highest,wholesale oakley sunglasses, at $1.6 million. The lowest bond,40% off Cheap Yeezy All Size, for Ratliff,wholesale oakleys, is $400,Cheap Adidas Yeezy 550,000. "This goes back to what we’ve been saying for months,cheap ray bans," Serpas said. "Whoever is involved in the cover up of a crime is going to be charged. Just as we did in the Mother’s Day shooting and as we do when investigatingThe Thomas family has yet to release a public statement on
An Overland Park 18 year old was sentenced to more than five years in prison Thursday for a drunken driving accident that killed a man standing next to a parked vehicle last year. Conner Estrella had pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 66 months in prison as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors. Estrella was driving under the influence of alcohol when Kevin Patrick Moroney,Cheap Adidas 750 Online Shopping, 52,christian louboutin shoes, was killed in the 8400 block of Tomahawk Road,Yeezy 350 Moonrock, according to court documents filed in the case. Estrella also pleaded guilty to aggravated battery for injuring Maureen Hogg,2016 Yeezy 350 Boost, who was standing with Moroney at the time of the Aug. 7,michael kors handbags, 2014,michael kors outlet, incident. Moroney’s mother and four adult children said they approved of the plea agreement and sentencing. Moroney’s 32 year old son,Andre Ellington Jersey Paypal Online, Brent,cheap replica oakleys, said he was less concerned with the number of years Estrella spent in prison than the possibility that others might learn from the story,Authenitc Jersey For Cheap Sale, preventing other drunken driving deaths. "It’s very sad,wholesale christian louboutin, and it’s even more sad that this

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to be in," Champagne says. "Everybody loves bacon." The market is filled with Mike Champagnes. And with persistence, he has built a cheap michael kors handbags base of customers. That’s because there is a loyal, growing market that embraces the farm to table movement and has greater awareness of buying local. That can mean everything wholesale nfl jerseys from what’s in season like flowers replica 750 yeezy and strawberries in the spring, corn cheap nfl jerseys and tomatoes in summer, apples and pumpkins in the fall. There are also eccentric, cool products for sale like organic kimchi, West African peanut brittle, sweet potato cheap nhl jerseys pappardelle (pasta), Buffalo chicken pierogis, 750 yeezy paypal online growlers cheap wholesale jerseys of craft beer, maple syrup jugs, locally roasted coffee and stretch bread. There are endless samples to nibble on, but there are also cheap yeezy boost 750 hot food 750 yeezy paypal online stalls that serve Greek, Italian, Thai, Mexican, bagels, pizza and wholesale jerseys of course, fried dough. The discount jerseys sale mission of the market is to promote replica 750 yeezy commerce and agriculture. It’s a chance to put down replica 750 yeezy your shopper’s club card and meet cheap yeezy bost 550 the farmers who Christian Louboutin Outlet grow your food. Your money goes
Packard, the late replica yeezy boost 550 great American car maker, built sweet rides from 1899 to 1958 and stashed their sales pitch in their slogan: "Ask the Man Who Owns One." Now, I’m a woman who can vouch 750 yeezy paypal online for a 1953 Packard being cheap jerseys from china smooth as silk at 100 miles per hour beneath blue Alberta skies. But I got the cheap yeezy bost 550 chance to ask 750 yeezy paypal online a lot of men, and a few more women about Packards when the replica 750 yeezy Pacific Northwest Region of Packards International (PNRPI) Car discount oakleys Club toured cheap yeezy boost 750 Saltspring Island last weekend. These certified Packard replica ray bans nuts discount jerseys wholesale all told the same cheap yeezy boost 750 tale to own and drive a Packard is to come down with a case of classic car love. From yeezy 750 new release the start, brothers James Ward cheap jerseys and William Doud Packard of Warren, Ohio, worked hard and Smart to earn that love. Cutting edge innovation, hand craftsmanship, reliable 8 and 12 cylinder engines, elegant cheap jerseys styling,delicious paint colors like Ivory and Fire Opal, 750 yeezy for sale lots of chrome, chrome, wholesale authentic jerseys glorious chrome, and wood trimmed leather interiors made Packard a rich discount christian louboutin man’s car. Early Packards sold for $2,500, while Fords sold
County District Attorney Julie Leonhardt was disbarred in 1997.Reached by phone Thursday, Axford declined to comment. In an email, Hermann did not address the charges against him, but he said law enforcement continues replica 750 yeezy to monitor Spinosa’s civil cheap nfl jerseys commitment to discount ray bans the state hospital to maintain public safety.WCSODonn Thomas SpinosaTwice accused in his ex wife’s 1997 killing in Aloha, Spinosa has never been found mentally fit to stand trial. Doctors have found Spinosa, diagnosed with schizophrenia, unable to care for himself and dangerous to others.Regarding the cheap michael kors magistrate hold, nike nhl jerseys Hargreaves wrote in his complaint, "Such cheap ray bans an order is entirely without legal foundation in Oregon and stripped Mr. Spinosa of all his cheap yeezy boost 750 rights and protections."Hargreaves’ complaint says Hermann, Axford and Kohl agreed to an "undeniably invalid order" to sidestep the law.Hermann and Axford both told the state bar they believed the order was valid and did not intentionally violate the law.The state hospital asked Kohl cheap michael kors to dismiss

7 Million in Shoplifting Video Here’s ABC’s Alex Perez. Reporter: This morning, a family is behind bars charged with shoplifting more than $7 million in merchandise during a decade long robbery spree. 58 year old bronco bogdanoff, his wife 350 boost free shipping Lia and daughter Julia arrested outside their $1.3 million home in the posh yeezy 750 new release Chicago cheap yeezy 350 boost suburb northbrook. The family charged with interstate transportation of stolen property yeezy 750 new release after allegedly stealing a variety of items from 350 boost free shipping multiple states over the last ten years including American girl doll, cosmetics, legos, steak knife, even replica yeezy 350 boost baby supplies from stores like Barnes noble and toys "R" us. We identified transactions on Ebay that were similar in amounts of merchandise and types of merchandise that were stolen from these stores. Reporter: This federal yeezy 750 boost black complaint even accusing Lela of wearing a long skirt with hidden compartments inside to allegedly hide lifted merchandise. 750 boost free shipping If convicted each family member faces up to ten years behind bars. For wholesale authentic jerseys "Good morning America," Alex Perez, ABC news, Chicago. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.
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