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  • You’re thoughts turn to how selfish and stupid he is

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Ohio Internet Marketing Company Partners with Local College to Offer SEO Classes

Webbed Marketing, a leading SEO firm in the Midwest, announced that it will be partnering with Hondros College to offer a two day seminar that will cover search engine optimization techniques.

March 23, 2009; 04:17 AM

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) March 23, 2009 Central Ohio Internet marketing company, Webbed Marketing, announced that it will be holding a two day web marketing seminar at Hondros College in April. The seminar will focus on search engine optimization at an introductory level, in addition to covering some of the more advanced SEO techniques. Participants can choose to attend one or both days of the seminar. EST.

The seminar will be a key initial step for Webbed Marketing University the unique online marketing classroom that launched earlier this year. WMU already offers a host of Internet marketing courses through an la carte system, from SEO and SEM, to online public relations and social media marketing. The idea to conduct a series of SEO classes in a classroom style setting stemmed from a large number of requests from WMU participants. They wanted the quality Internet marketing training that the experts from Webbed Marketing are able to provide, in addition cheap nhl jerseys to the credibility gained from an accredited academic institution.

“The partnership between Webbed Marketing University and Hondros College was created in order to provide pragmatic Internet marketing training,” said Bill Balderaz, founder of Webbed Marketing. “By joining with Hondros, WMU will be able to provide quality online marketing courses that can be directly applied to an existing academic plan. We decided to offer the SEO courses in a traditional classroom style setting because these courses are in the highest demand and we want to cater to as many different learning styles as possible.”

“Our marketplace, which has a large segment of entrepreneurs and small business owners, has been looking for help with their web marketing,” Vice President of Hondros College Dave Evangelisti said. “We look forward to working with Webbed Marketing to help our customers reach their goals through improved search engine marketing. The tools and techniques learned in these courses should allow our students to dramatically improve their web presence.”

The first day of the cheap nfl jerseys seminar will cover SEO 101: all the basics to familiarize people with search engine optimization from a marketing perspective. The SEO 101 classes are a must for cheap jerseys students who have little or no online marketing experience. The second day of the seminar will cover more advanced SEO techniques, including semantic search, algorithm changes and PageRank sculpting.

Bill Balderaz and Amy Marshall of Webbed Marketing will be conducting the various SEO classes for the seminar. There will be scheduled intermissions, and both breakfast and lunch will be provided by Hondros College. Recorded versions of selected sessions will be available following the seminar.

About Webbed Marketing

About Hondros College

For more than 40 years, Westerville, Ohio based Hondros College has been helping individuals seeking to find, enter and succeed in a new career. Fully accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, the career college specializes in occupations that offer stability, flexibility, independence and financial reward. Its nine Ohio locations provide the highly focused education needed to succeed in a broad range of careers in real estate, appraisal, home inspection, mortgage, insurance, financial services and nursing. cheap nhl jerseys Hondros College also offers a nationally recognized curriculum of online classes in many disciplines.Articles Connexes:

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Articles Connexes:

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