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2007 Results

Click here for a detailed race report by Spot Anderson (PDF Download)

18km Fiji Swim - Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa to Beachcomber Island Relay

1. NO, WE'RE TEAM QLD (Lina Evans, Alex Goddard, Penny Hoffman, Trudee Hutchinson, Jacinta Wenham) 4.16.07 Australia
2. TEAM USA/OZ (Natalie Coughlin, David Hahn, William Ireland, Louise Santos, Juliet Sharpe) 4.28.29 USA & Australia
3. ANZACS (John (Spot) Anderson, Rachel Crowder, Danyon Loader, Kim Taunga, Paul Veric) 4.38.10 Australia & New Zealand
4. FIJI ALL STARS (Caroline Puamau, Douglas Miller, Lucy Joyce, Daniel Fong, Courtney Pene) 4.41.23 Fiji
Solo Swimmer
KAMOE ERASITO 6.16.54 Fiji
Full list of results click here (pdf)

2.8 km Fiji Swim - Beachcomber Island

1. Trudee Hutchinson 32.15 Australia
2. Darrin Jones 32.18 Australia
3. Natalie Coughlin 32.21 USA
4. Jacinta Wenham 32.23 Australia
The distance of the swim varies from one year to the next due to tides and the positioning of the boys.
Full list of results click here (pdf)

1km Fiji Swim - Treasure Island to Beachcomber Island

1. Nicholas O’Donnell 18.15 Fiji
2. Sarah Dacres-Manning 19.16 Australia
3. Elly Joyce 19.35 Fiji
4. Fiona McCuaig 20.43 Australia
Full list of results click here (pdf)
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A team of pharmacists from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) has established that the levels of vitamin C in many fruit juices and soft drinks are far higher than those indicated on their labels by the manufacturers. This finding has been possible owing to a new technique developed by the researchers to determine the content of vitamin C in these kinds of drinks.

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is a natural antioxidant in fruits and vegetables, but the European Commission permits its use as an additive in juices, jams, dairy products and other foods. The involvement of this substance in the immune response and other biochemical processes such as the formation of collagen and the absorption of iron is well known. wholesale jerseys However, high levels of ascorbic acid can cause diarrhoea wholesale jerseys outlet and gastrointestinal problems, as a result of which scientists are attempting to determine the content of vitamin C in foods with greater and greater accuracy.

Now, a group of researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the USC has developed a new chromatographic technique (these are used to separate and identify chemical elements) aimed at accurately measuring the ascorbic acid in fruit juices and soft drinks. By applying this method, they have found that the amounts of vitamin C stipulated on the labels of many drinks are not real. In a sample of 17 fruit juices, soft drinks and isotonic drinks, only two correspond to what is indicated on the bottle.

Ana Rodr Bernaldo de Quir is a member of the team which cheap authentic jerseys has developed the new technique, whose details have recently been published in the Food Chemistry magazine. “The other drinks contain much higher levels than those specified by the manufacturer because, as has already been indicated in a previous study, the label probably only shows the amount of added ascorbic acid, without taking into account the fruit’s natural vitamin C content”, she explained to SINC.

Bernaldo de Quir highlights the greater resolution and sensitivity of the method, by means of which it is possible to detect up to 0.01 milligrams of vitamin C per litre, “thanks to the use of new column chromatography, based on spherical particles of ultra pure silica 3 microns in size”.

“Another advantage of the method is its simplicity and speed, as the total time taken to carry out the analyses is no more than six minutes”, the researcher remarked.

With the new technique, the valuation of the ascorbic acid in the drinks has revealed some curious data. Of the 17 samples analyzed, the one with the highest vitamin C content was an apple juice (840 mg/l), more than the orange juices (352 739 mg/l). The results for the pineapple and grape juices were 702 mg/l and between 30.2 and 261 mg/l for the soft drinks (orange, lemon and apple).

The researchers also evaluated how the vitamin C content of the orange juices and tea drinks varies while they are on the shelves in the temperature conditions specified by the manufacturer. Rodr de Quir M. Fern J. L “A screening method for the determination of ascorbic acid in fruit juices and soft drinks”. Food Chemistry 116 (2): 509 512, 2009.Articles Connexes:

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smaller class sizes and not testing. yeezy 350 boost online The union is asking the district to opt out of the cheap yeezy 750 boost Minnesota Comprehensive yeezy 750 new release Assessments (MCAs) because it says the tests only assess select standards in math, reading and science and do not offer the quick feedback or replica yeezy boost opportunities to track student growth that come with tests designed 750 yeezy paypal online and administered by teachers. Wholesale Football Jerseys China Rodriguez would not comment on how the district could go about dropping the MCAs. The district says the proposal yeezy 350 boost black all is related to the Legislature decision cheap yeezy 750 boost this year to fund all day kindergarten beginning in 2014 15. Since St. Paul taxpayers help fund the all day program with a special levy, the union argues, the money could be yeezy 350 new release freed up for preschool purposes. Mohs counters that the district is committed wholesale nfl jerseys to expanding preschool options yeezy 350 new release but that the levy dollars would be insufficient for a yeezy 750 for sale universal program. The union proposal also fails to take into yeezy 350 new release account what happens to those students, and to cheap authentic jerseys their
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