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2012 Results

19km SOLO
time name country
3:39:00 Josh Richardson Brisbane, Australia
4:08:46 Kirsten Cameron Wellington, New Zealand
4:12:25 Caitlin Wall Brisbane, Australia
5:39:50 Tiffany Fraser-Gillard Perth, Australia
06:54:46 Sean Hobbs Suva, Fiji
19km DUO
time team names country
4:54:35 Bucket List Boys David Cowperthwaite / Brynden Russell Sydney, Australia
5:32:45 Tropical Icebergs David Handley / Andrew Parkin Sydney, Australia / Wellington, New Zealand
5:58:42 Fijian Flounders Jess Stephens / Ashley Watkins Sydney, Australia
6:04:36 Flaming Dugongs Amy Barber / Jim Serpless Melbourne, Australia
19km TEAMS OF 5
time team names country
04:11:08 Maroubra Vonu Malcolm Allen / Simon Tilley / Amanda Head / Keith McDonald / Mark Muellner Sydney, Australia
5:45:15 3G2B Mel Brock / Ian Keys / Nicole Salisbury / Liz Symmons / Chris Moss Sydney & Melbourne, Australia
5:46:10 Kiwi Chicks Liz Davidson / Sandra Murray / Leslie Parkin / Sue Pollard / Susan Watts New Zealand
6:04:00 The Orcas Georgina Cope / Anna Negus / Ryan Medrana / Jemima Stancombe / Spencer Whitaker Fiji
19km BOLLYWOOD TEAM - unoffical, but fun category!
time team names country
5:45:45 Team Bollywood Shane Gould / Neil Rogers / Stephen Kearney / Doron Milner / Christine Conolly / Ron Parkin / Giles Roberts / Bianca Wolloghan / Clyde Yee / Tito Australia, New Zealand & Fiji

2.7km Nukuasiga Sandbar to Beachcomber Island

time first name surname country
24.30 Joshua Richardson Australia
24.38 Malcolm Allen Australia
30.22 Bryn Russell Australia
30.36 Keith McDonald Australia
30.51 Caitlin Wall Australia
32.16 Andrew Parkin New Zealand
34.17 Andrew Fraser-Gillard Australia
34.19 David Cowperthwaite Australia
34.27 Tiffany Fraser-Gillard Australia
35.43 Melanie-Jane Brock Australia
37.01 Francis Quinn Australia
37.02 Sam Rutherford Australia
37.07 David Handley Australia
37.28 Fiona MacGregor Australia
37.29 Patsy Cowperthwaite Australia
37.40 Georgina Quinn Australia
38.10 Christine Curtis Australia
38.18 Sandra Murray New Zealand
38.29 Susan Watts New Zealand
38.38 Shane Gould Australia
39.34 Mike Kelly New Zealand
39.36 Liz Davidson New Zealand
39.42 Tim Joyce Fiji
41.24 Stephen Kearney Australia
42.03 James Catney Australia
42.08 Nick Savage-Mady New Zealand
42.46 Pete Lothian Fiji
43.24 Clyde Yee Hong Kong
43.33 Bianca Wolloghan Australia
43.33 Doron Milner Australia
43.50 Sue Pollard New Zealand
46.02 Chris Cole Fiji
46.58 Ryan Medrana Fiji
50.32 Denys Smith Fiji
51.55 Caroline Scott Fiji
52.21 Ben Rhee Fiji

1km Treasure Island to Beachcomber Island

time first name surname country
16.22 Mark Muellner Australia
20.20 Simon Tilley Australia
20.20 Ryan Tilley Australia
20.24 Spencer Whitaker Fiji
20.38 Kelly Rogers Australia
20.52 Francesca Hynes Australia
22.20 Thomasi Christen Switzerland
22.39 Christine Conolly Australia
23.04 Lynette Wall Australia
26.05 Lydia Keppler Fiji
26.35 Shupiwe Suffolk Fiji
26.39 Ben George Fiji
26.42 Stephanie Zoll Fiji
26.52 Wijnard Germs Australia
27.08 Richelle Turner Fiji
27.10 Kate Webb Fiji
27.27 Kristine Boswell Fiji
28.14 Lesley Parkin New Zealand
28.14 Ron Rarkin New Zealand
29.29 Sarah Pene Fiji
30.39 Pauline Smith Fiji
31.55 Janet Whitaker Fiji
33.09 Eddie Whitaker Fiji
33.24 Ilanava Bola Australia
39.30 Elizabeth Symmons Australia

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