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19km SOLO
time name country
4.30.39 Ian Melhuish Australia
4.37.13 Justin Hanby Australia
4.56.56 Barbora Marcinkova Slovak Republic
5.03.18 Damien Scales Australia
5.09.46 Tori Gorman Australia
5.11.17 Vladimir Mraver Australia
5.34.45 Nicola Davidson Australia
7.05.39 Swapnali Yadav India
19km DUO
time team names country
4.48.38 Bucket List Boys David Cowperthwaite / Brynden Russell Australia
5.21.26 City Tattersalls Team 3 Sue Coombes / Peter Miller New Zealand / Australia
5.25.34 Pacific Zimmers Fred Pucci / David Handley Australia
6.06.50 Aqua Bumps Claudia Nicholson / Justine O’Connell Australia
19km TEAMS OF 5
time team names country
3.34.32 No! We’re Team Queensland Hugh Cumming / Sarah Johnstone / Emily Seymour / Amy Thompson / Austin Whayman Australia
4.262.26 Maroubra Vonu A Malcolm Allen / Brooke Cassell / Shane Gould / Mark Muellner / Nathan Spinks Australia
4.53.52 City Tattersalls Team 1 Andrew Jacobs / Darrin Jones / John Keevers / Michael Murray / Brian Scott Australia
4.56.56 NZ Four Skindivers Michael Bodger / Geoff Brown / Karen Markin / Lesley Parkin / Rebecca Perrott New Zealand
5.51.11 Team Ratu Roy Paul Ellercamp / Lea Hill / Suanne Hunt / Gary Nicholls / Roy Swan Australia
19km BOLLYWOOD TEAMS - unoffical, but fun category!
time team names country
5.25.35 Northern Rivers Michael Fellner / David Launders / Nathan Linton-France Australia
5.32.55 City Tattersalls Team 2 Mark Anderson / Greg Chalmers / Peter Flood / John Freiman / Stephen Matthews / Garry McIlwaine / Michael Sterndale-Smith / Phillip Sterndale-Smith Australia
5.43.03 Team Midgets Jessica Stewart / Bianca Austin / Elayne Forbes Australia
5.46.47 Maroubra Vonu B Jeanine Allaous / Garry Burton / Amanda Elley / Shaun Traynor / Nic Erickson / Bryan MacGregor / Rob MacGregor / Chris Smith Australia / Fiji
(5.05.38) Team Bollywood! Rachael Elkaim / Christine Conolly / Neil Rogers Australia
2.7km Fiji Swims 2011
time name
25.57 Amy Thompson Australia
26.13 Malcolm Allen Australia
27.03 Hugh Cumming Australia
27.07 Emily Seymour Australia
27.26 Austin Whayman (24.56) Australia
27.41 Iain Melhuish Australia
27.49 Sarah Johnstone Australia
27.56 Darrin Jones Australia
28.42 Justin Hanby Australia
29.32 Rebecca Perrott New Zealand
30.05 Brynden Russell Australia
32.15 John Keevers Australia
32.32 Geoff Brown New Zealand
32.37 Michael Murray Australia
33.04 Mark Anderson Australia
33.08 Shane Gould Australia
33.31 Tori Gorman Australia
33.41 John Freiman Australia
34.04 Fred Pucci Italy
34.16 Peter Miller Australia
35.19 Nicola Davidson Australia
36.32 Sue Coombes New Zealand
36.5 Gary Nicholls Australia
36.55 Francis Quinn Australia
37.04 Jessica Stewart Australia
37.06 Claudia Nicholson Australia
37.08 Murray Prestney Australia
37.14 Brian Scott Australia
37.23 David Handley Australia
37.27 Bianca Austin Australia
37.27 Karen Markin New Zealand
37.46 Justine O’Connell Australia
37.60 Michael Bodger New Zealand
38.24 Patsy Cowperthwaite Australia
38.50 Rachael Elkaim Australia
38.51 Viktoria Mraver Australia
38.56 Lea Hill Australia
39.28 David Cowperthwaite Australia
41.22 Elayne Forbes Australia
42.53 Annabel Gorman Australia
43.58 Greg Chalmers Australia
45.35 Suanne Hunt Australia
45.35 Paul Ellercamp Australia
45.83 Roy Swan Australia
46.18 Jeremy Bird Australia
46.20 Rick Martin Australia
47.30 Janice Morris Australia
47.30 Penny Weiss Australia
48.36 Paul Duffy Australia
49.07 Corinne Wilmotte Australia
49.19 Fabienne Mace Australia
49.20 Ryan Medrana Australia
50.07 Cathy van den Bovenkamp Australia
52.36 John Rooney Australia
55.35 Philippe Wilmotte Australia
56.21 James Rusden Australia
1.00.34 Anna Presten Australia
1km Fiji Swims 2011
time name country
15.52 Mark Muellner Australia
17.06 Shaun Traynor Australia
17.30 Andy Jacobs Australia
18.25 Nicole Erickson Australia
19.50 Caitlin Foley Australia
19.58 Stephen Mathews Australia
20.12 Amanda Elley Australia
20.13 Jeanine Allaous Australia
20.14 Jackie Heath Australia
20.20 Christopher Smith Australia
20.23 Brooke Cassell Australia
20.27 Lesley Parkin Australia
20.55 Burke Robinson Australia
21.23 Karen Foley Australia
22.16 Grace Uhr Australia
22.48 Penelope Heath Australia
22.50 Jade Hannon Australia
23.22 Ron Parkin Australia
24.40 Scott Robinson Australia
24.44 Caroline Scott Australia
24.54 Peter Losien Australia
25.05 Richelle Turner Australia
26.19 Rebecca Robinson Australia
26.25 Michael Sterndale-Smith Australia
26.34 Vicky Fitzgerald Australia
26.37 Sharon Quinn Australia
27.13 Jenny Kemp Australia
27.14 John Kelly Australia
27.25 Jennifer Manley Australia
28.14 Libby Stewart Australia
28.31 Garry McIlwaine Australia
29.33 George Morris Australia
29.36 Bryan MacGregor Australia
29.40 Garry Burton Australia
30.09 Peter Flood Australia
31.05 Richard Stewart Australia
32.12 Christine Conolly Australia
32.27 Shannon Birch Australia
32.36 Gopal Yadav India
33.43 Simon Mraver Australia
34.08 Damien Scales Australia
1.00.04 Becci Gardiner (on inflatable flip-flop)
1.00.04 Louise Stevenson (on inflatable flip-flop)
The Small Steps That Have a Big Impact on Achieving Goals

When people set out to begin a major work project or adopt a healthier lifestyle, it’s easy to become discouraged when picturing the long road ahead. By the same token, even smaller scale plans like keeping a medical appointment or a standing date to the gym can become easily derailed by the busyness of our daily lives or a simple aversion to the doctor or the treadmill.

In a series of studies, Wharton operations and information management professor Katherine Milkman finds that there are relatively simple steps that people can take to help themselves or their employees or relatives to stick to their plans and adopt behaviors that are better for overall well being. Choi and Harvard professors John Beshears, David Laibson and Brigitte C. Madrian.

An edited transcript of the conversation appears below.

On overcoming temptation and achieving goals:

My research looks at how people can overcome temptation and how they can achieve their goals, particularly in the domain of health. So how people can do things like exercise more, eat healthier food and make and keep medical appointments that they know are in their long term best interest.

The first study I wanted to mention to you is one I did to look at the power of planning prompts, or prompting people to form a plan about exactly when they follow through on and engage in a good behavior, like getting a flu shot or a colonoscopy. We found that when people are prompted to just write down the date and time when they will get a flu shot, we see dramatically higher rates of follow through. This also works with colonoscopies.

“Planning prompts are one wholesale jerseys way people can really help one another increase goal follow through.”

I have another study that I really like that looks at the power of fresh starts. What do I mean by a fresh start? Well, there are moments in our lives that feel like the start of a new era, the start of a new cycle, like the beginning of a new week, the beginning of a new month, the beginning of a new year, following a holiday or following a birthday. We see that people search more for the term “diet” on Google [during those times]. We see that people go to the gym more frequently following those fresh start moments. And we also see that they create more goals, both health related and health irrelevant goals on a goal setting website.

A third study that I think is representative of this line of work looks at an idea I called temptation bundling. The idea is simple: Imagine that you really struggle to go to the gym. You don have the willpower at the end of a long day. And imagine you also have a thing for a trashy TV show, let say Breaking Bad. You feel a little guilty about watching Breaking Bad when you should be doing other things. So how do you solve these two problems? What if you only let yourself watch Breaking Bad while you were exercising at the gym? You would stop wasting time at home watching this TV show that you feel guilty about and you would start craving trips to the gym at the end of a long day to see what happens in the next episode. Not only that, you will enjoy your workout and your Breaking Bad episode more combined because you won feel guilty watching that episode. And time will fly while you exercising at the gym.

The key takeaways are a number of tools that you can use to try to help yourself or help others follow through on their goals. One key takeaway is that whenever you want to help somebody follow through on a goal, one thing you should do is actually prompt them to think about exactly when and where and how they will accomplish that goal. By prompting them to think through those things, even if they do it privately and don ever tell you their plans, you can help them reduce the likelihood that they will actually forget to follow through because now there is this cue embedded in their memory that is going to trigger the recollection, “Oh, this is when I supposed to this is the moment I said I do it. This is when I supposed to go to the gym.” It also makes it harder for them to procrastinate because now they putting off something they explicitly said they do, rather than kind of a vague intention. So planning prompts are one way people can really help one another increase goal follow through.

“People are more likely to go to the gym in the months following a birthday than in the months preceding it.”

Another practical implication of my work is that it suggests that you may want to encourage people to follow through on their goals at fresh start moments. If you thinking about when [to remind an] employee about an objective that he or she wanted to meet, for instance, the best time may be after a fresh start. So at the beginning of a new week, month, year, following a birthday, a work anniversary or even at a moment you could frame to them as a fresh start for some reason. It the start of a new project, for your team, for instance. So those are a couple of practical implications.

Temptation bundling suggests that you can encourage people to bundle their temptations with things that they know they should do. For instance, as we talked about earlier, bundling an engaging audio novel, say, or a TV show with exercise. Or you could only allow yourself to, say, get a pedicure when catching up on overdue work. Or to watch your favorite TV show at home when catching up on some household chores or listening to your favorite music while catching up on chores.

On the biggest surprises from the research:

One thing I found really surprising was how huge the demand was in a study I ran for temptation bundling. In this study we asked participants if they would be willing to pay us to take away a possession they could otherwise use freely an iPod we given them as a gift, that was preloaded with a tempting audio novel of their choice and lock this possession they could otherwise use freely at the gym so they could only access it when working out. We thought that not that many people will find it attractive to pay us to take away something they could otherwise use whenever they wanted. And, in fact, more than 60% of our participants said, sign me up, that sounds great.” And they wanted to give us money in order to take away this tempting possession so it could help them exercise more. So that was one really interesting, I thought, and surprising and exciting finding.

I have another one that kind of funny. My other surprising finding is actually in the research I did on fresh starts, also in a study looking at gym attendance. What we found in that study, one of many things we found in that study, is that people are more likely to go to the gym in the months following a birthday than in the months preceding it so, following this fresh start event. Now interestingly, that true for every birthday that was in our data set except one notable birthday the 21st birthday.

When we first found this, we were a wholesale nhl jerseys china little surprised and then pretty quickly we realized maybe there is a reason for that. That not so bizarre after all. But that was something that stuck out at us as interesting in our findings.

On the practical implications of the research:

One thing that organizations could do is simply use planning prompts whenever they want to encourage follow through on a good behavior. They could prompt people to think through the where, when and how of engaging in that behavior. Another thing they could do is try to provide tools to facilitate temptation bundling. For instance, at their gyms they could offer to have a subscription available to Netflix that you could log into and watch your favorite show, and pick up where you left off. Or they could hold your iPod in a locker for you so that you could pick up listening to your favorite audio novel where you left off on your previous visit.

On misconceptions dispelled by the research:

I think one of the main misperceptions these studies dispel is that there not a lot you can do if you are, say, overweight or in debt or haven achieved the educational goals that you hoped to achieve. What these studies say is that there are, indeed, tools you can use and strategies you wholesale cheap jerseys can employ and that your friends can actually help you with as well to help motivate you to achieve your goals.

On new ground covered by the research:

A lot of this research that I done is actually really new. No one had ever looked at fresh starts before, so that sort of wildly new. No one had ever looked at this idea of temptation bundling. The one set of studies that overlap a little bit more with past work are the studies on planning prompts. People had looked at the power of planning prompts in the past, but what sets our work apart is two things. One, a lot of past studies involving planning prompts actually involved face to face contact or contact over the phone with someone who asked you to walk through a plan. And what we actually did is sent a simple mailing. You never interact with another person. You simply prompted to write down the date and time when you plan to engage in a given behavior. There is no social pressure that might be increasing the power of the planning prompt, and we still see huge benefits.

“Here are tools you can use and strategies you can employ and that your friends can actually help you with as well to help motivate you to achieve your goals.”

One of the things that we do is isolate the fact that it not something about social pressure, it just the act of forming a plan privately that can really increase follow through. We also do that study with a very large, real population thousands of people looking at real flu shots, whereas a lot of past studies have looked at hypotheticals or self reports.

I doing a lot of research right now looking at other ways we can encourage people to follow through on their goals and overcome temptation. One study that I particularly excited about is a large field experiment looking at encouraging people to save more for retirement. We have about 30,000 people, and in our experiment we encouraging them all to sign up to take money out of their paycheck and send it to their 401(k). Some people cheap nhl jerseys are offered the opportunity to do that, to start having the money at a fresh start moment so say, following a birthday or following the New Year whereas other people are also offered the opportunity to do it in the future, but at a fairly arbitrary date. And what we hoping is that our hypothesis will be confirmed, which is that people will be more motivated to save and enroll in these retirement savings programs following fresh start dates, and that that will be a strategy that can then be employed more widely.Articles Connexes:

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