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Top Ten Free Reading Apps for iPhone

The FOX News app is definitely in the top reading bracket for US news. Apart

fake ray bans from having all the latest news you can receive alerts on the latest stories, stream live videos including the Strategy Room each day, listen to FOX
cheap fake ray ban sales news radio, share and save top stories, browse through galleries and watch the latest FNC clips.

This app has everything you need with a user friendly interface. The options
cheap michael kors to filter what news you’d like to read are listed along the top in order of Top Stories,
fake ray ban US, World, Politics, Entertainment, Leisure, Health, Scitech, Opinion and Sports. The options for every other feature are along the bottom. And the best bit, it’s a completely free iPhone application.

Sky News is a leading network. As one of the most downloaded news apps in the UK it gives you all the latest news, notifications, video, live TV and discussions. Displayed much like FOX news, you have a tabbed selection of Top Stories, UK News, Sport, Politics, Business News, World News, Showbiz and Strange. Perhaps one thing which sets this app apart from the rest is the option to report a news story yourself via the You Report option along the bottom of the screen.

This easy to navigate interface is uncluttered and breaking news is clearly recognisable. Overall a must have free news app for your iPhone.

MTV News

If it’s celebrity news you’re after, search no more. MTV News, both UK version and US version, are
cheap jerseys wholesale the first with any gossip, news and entertainment.

What’s to love about this app is its simplicity, much better than the actual site, just open the app

replica oakleys and you have a list of your celebrity news stories which you can scroll through and read at your leisure. The US version does
cheap ray ban sunglasses have added features including exclusive videos, picture galleries and articles by category. From US to UK stars this app is ideal for both sides of the pond and
mk on sale is updated at various stages during the day. It has the largest number of free comics, not all are free but then we can’t

cheap ray bans have everything! The store has a similar set up to iTunes where you can peruse your selection, featured, free, top 25, and browse, purchasing is much the same as well.

Once you’ve selected your comic, to turn a page simply swipe your finger over the screen.

With a very friendly interface the classic sliding your finger to turn a page gives you the feel of a real book and you can change the book’s font, colours (the most popular is white with black background allowing you to read in bed),
wholesale sale oakleys bookmark your page, organise books into groups and change the layout by simply tapping the center of the screen to access the reading controls. Transfer ebooks to and from your PC by selecting your device in iTunes and then from the file sharing section select .

With the many free ebooks in various genres available on this free iPhone app you’ll never have to even venture to the paid ones. From romance to horror to self published,
discount oakleys the choice is vast. Content is also completely free and includes novels,
wholesale oakleys short stories, poems, technical manuals and such like.

With 27 topics to narrow down your browsing of the 100,000 plus ebooks it is easy to navigate and once you’ve picked a book you just read and save to your library. Although not as feature rich as , you can still customise the look of your text and
cheap michael kors outlet there is a nifty
fake oakleys scrolling option as well.

With it being a community you can upload your own work if you want to share it with the community and you can rate other ebooks. It’s a great way of getting your work out there for free and has an element of social networking, definitely a bonus when choosing what to read.

fake oakleys Sunglasses Read Me Stories ebook reader is aimed at children. With it being a well
cheap nba jerseys known fact that reading with children and encouraging them to learn at a young age has huge benefits to them in later life, this app is ideal.

As you enter the app the bright and friendly graphics are great for engaging your child, the narrator is also aimed at children and is
cheap ray ban fun and vibrant. You’re able to flick between book titles on entering the library and choose from titles such as Is the Moon Made of Cheese?, The Not So Scary
fake cheap oakleys Scarecrow, There’s a Bear in my Bed and lots of others. This app is definitely a winner with children and could be the answer if they’re bored in the car, bedtime stories and lots of other situations. It can also help them learn new words, how to say them and improve or begin their reading
cheap nfl jerseys skills.

For a fun but educational free story app this is definitely a winner!

Zinio Magazine Newsstand Reader

The Zinio Magazine Newsstand Reader is for anyone who loves magazines, with free access to the top 20 articles across the world it also lets you buy single issues, view back issues and subscribe to various magazines in many different categories.

A lot of the magazines are free which makes this app the one to have when viewing magazines on your iPhone. allows you to create or continue one or multiple blogs via your iPhone. For anyone who is a blogger already, you’ll know that there are many different types, from online diaries, to fashion, to sports, to spreading awareness, whatever you can think of. If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog there is no better time, and with the
discount oakleys Sunglasses ease of use is the perfect place to start. You can create, edit or delete pages as well as insert images or videos.